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Learn how to re-connect with your natural abilities to move, think and feel.

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While they work autonomously, Julia and David have been teaming up in shared ventures, workshops and classes subsequent to 1999. In 2004 they set up mindfulbody to reflect the spirit of their shared commitment to people rediscover their potential by developing awareness. Both Julia and David are based in Melbourne, VIC.

"We convey to mindfulbody an abundance of experience and skills in helping individuals to achieve their potential. Both Feldenkrais and meditation mindfulness have been shown to effectively enable lasting changes to one’s wellness and ability at any phase in your life.

And in addition being Certified Feldenkrais experts, we are likewise enlisted physiotherapists and our work as Feldenkrais professionals is supported by numerous years of experience as physiotherapists helping individuals with development troubles.

While both Julia and David have their own individual style of treatment, we both share and guarantee our ability to empower individuals to deal with their own difficulties, enhance their prosperity and turn out to be more at ease within their embodied selves."

Julia Broome works in Ivanhoe and in the Abbotsford convent. David Isaac operates out of Surrey Hills

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