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Juliet Dyer Kinesiology and Coaching

Juliet Dyer

The Revitalise Centre
7-9 Bardolph St
Glen Iris VIC 3146

Servicing area: Glen Iris & Eastern Suburbs

Juliet Dyer Kinesiology and Coaching

Reignite Your Vitality For Life:

Discover how an experienced kinesiologist and transformational coach can help make you want to live life to the fullest

Kinesiologist & Transformation Coach

Who Will Be Your Kinesiologist & Transformation Coach?

My name is Juliet Dyer, and I will be your kinesiologist and transformation coach. 

Kinesiology changed my life.

It helped me heal during difficult times. It broke down my barriers, taught me lessons I didn’t know I needed to learn; and ignited a passion inside that led me to leave my corporate job behind, re-educate myself, and put my heart and soul into this life-changing therapy. 

My journey towards kinesiology unfolded over the course of 10 years. During this period, I nursed my daughter, son and husband through multiple heart surgeries and other major illnesses.

“I was a powerhouse of strength through all this – for my family – but on the inside, my own heart was aching. Once they were well and healthy, the emotional burnout caught up with me, and I struggled to understand why, now that the danger had passed, I was feeling lower than ever. My self-love, my sense of who I was as a woman, was running dangerously low.”
A sentiment now shared by many of her clients.

I now specialise in helping other people break down their own barriers so they too can reach their full potential in life, career, and relationships. 

I am also the founder and director of The Revitalise Centre, a wellness hub that can help you regain as well as enhance your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. For many years, this has been a vision that has been close to my heart. Now, my goal of establishing a collective of practitioners who embrace a comprehensive approach to holistic health and well-being in an effort to guide you on your journey towards revitalisation has come into fruition. At the Revitalise Centre, you can gain therapeutic services, classes, workshops, and events that will honour your body and fuel your soul.

How Will Juliet Help You?

To help achieve your goal of healing and transformation, I use a powerful combination of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis, and Kinesiology. I will be using this potent formula to tap into your unconscious mind so that we can bring your unconscious behaviour into your conscious mind. You can consider this your veritable fast track towards personal and/or professional growth and development. You will be able to achieve your life goals and desires by allowing yourself to reflect on your current behaviour consciously and then make the necessary corrections to adjust that behaviour.

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