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K9 Loving Touch Massage Therapy and Grooming

Judi .

Brighton East 3187

K9 Loving Touch Massage Therapy and Grooming

Dog grooming and therapeutic massage with a gentle, loving touch!

K9 Loving Touch Massage Therapy and Grooming

Our Groomer/Therapist


At K9 Loving Touch Massage Therapy and Grooming, your dog will receive a groom and/or massage from Judi.

Judi has the following qualifications:

    • She is a qualified dog groomer with a Certifcate 3 in Pet Grooming (graduated in 2017)


    • She is a qualified Canine Myofunctional Therapist with a Certificate in Canine Myofunctional Therapyfrom The National College of Traditional Medicine.


    • Judi is a qualified Puppy Instructor, having completed the Puppy Start Right for Instructors course from the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behaviour. This course provided her with a greater understanding of canine development and behaviour, in particular socialisation of puppies and foundation training.


    • Judi has a current National Police Certificate (Police check by Victoria police) dated 06/01/16.


Read what others have had to say about Judi’s grooms and massages on our testimonials page…

Dog Grooming


We offer many services:
* Nail and paw pad clip
* Ear cleaning and
* Hygiene clip
* Bath and blow dry
* Tidy groom
* Full groom
* Breed clip
* Shampoo upgrades
and treatments

Your dog will get personalised, one on one attention with no rough handling from our groomer, who is also trained in therapeutic dog massage!


We have many types of massages on offer to suit your dogs needs:
* Therapeutic massage
* Relaxation/anxiety
* Arthritis relief
* Active dog warm up,
cool down (show dogs,
agility dogs)
* Separation Anxiety



Bath and blow dry:
Small- $30  Med-  $40  Large- $50  XL-  $55+

Tidy groom:
Small- $55  Med-  $65  Large- $80  XL-  $90+

Full groom:
Small- $70  Med-  $80  Large- $95  XL-  $110+

Breed specific:
Small- $80  Med-  $90  Large- $100  XL-  $120+

Small dogs- up to 10kg
Medium dogs- Over 10kg-20kg
Large dogs- Over 20kg-35kg
XL- Over 35kg


Nail clip only-                       $10
Ear clean only-                     $10
Teeth Clean-                        $10
Hygiene clip-                        $25

Shampoo upgrades:

Deshedding-                        $5
Flea-                                      $5
(if your dog uses a specific medicated shampoo, please bring it with you- we are happy to use this)


Tear stain-                            $5
Paw pad-                              $5


Small dogs:

First Consultation and any Standard massage- $50
Standard massage- therapeutic, relaxation or activity- $40

Medium and large dogs:

First Consultation and any Standard massage- $60
Standard massage- therapeutic, relaxation or activity- $50

Small dogs- Up to 10kg
Med-Large dogs- Over 10kg

Puppy Massage:

Observation and Standard massage- $25

Please refer to our Treatments page for more detailed information, including the time allocated for each treatment.

Qualification Details

Certificate 3 in Pet Grooming Cerrtificate in Canine Myofunctional Therapy

Service Categories