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Lucy Berta-Tzannes

Ka Huna Massage Aloha

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Clear all energy blocks and restore balance to your mind, body and spirit.

Ka Huna Massage Therapist

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Mackenzie QLD

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Face massage Joy Wellness Circulation Self-confidence Nurturing

About Lucy Berta-Tzannes

Welcome to Ka Huna Massage Aloha in Mackenzie QLD, a nurturing haven that helps people regain their physical and mental strength.

Our therapeutic hub was established by Lucy Berta-Tzannes, a certified massage therapist who specialises in the Kahuna bodywork, to assist you in switching on your body’s self-healing capabilities.

The outcome of our service is a product of our rapport and collaboration with our clients. We work on identifying the root causes of your physical, mental or emotional issues during your initial consultation with us before we decide which treatment approach to go with. 

Our massage therapists are all adept at delivering Kahuna massage, which is an ancient Hawaiian bodywork technique that soothes and reinvigorates the whole body through flowing but firm strokes. You will get a clear picture of the practice and its benefits as we take you through the Huna philosophy before your actual therapy.

Kahuna is unlike other massage therapies because it works down to the core of your problem and releases toxins that disrupt the function of your body. Having said that, it is crucial that you drink plenty of water after your therapy to replenish your electrolytes.

You may experience mixed emotions in the days following your appointment with us, but there’s no cause for concern. This is normal since your body has just undergone a cleansing process and your energies are still in the process of realigning.

Whether you want to bask in pure relaxation or treat a friend to one, our massage services provide a deep healing experience.

Aside from managing Ka Huna’s day-to-day operations, Lucy formulates organic skincare products such as facial cleansers and moisturisers. She also provides a safer alternative to toxic household products.

What Do Our Clients Think? 

Our Kahuna bodywork effectively eases the stress and tension that bog people down and trigger feelings of pain, discomfort, inadequacy and dissatisfaction for life. Our clients share their personal experiences here below. 

“Diane...58 years old, never experienced a Ka Huna massage before, was the best decision ever made.  My whole experience left me feeling rejuvenated, and in a relaxed state of mind.  Cannot wait till my next appointment. Highly recommend to go see Lucy.  Never too old to be deserving of this pleasure”

“This was a most relaxing experience; my body and mind were lost in the moment.  I forgot about the pressures of reality and savored my experience.  I would do it again!!”

“I felt totally relaxed and rejuvenated after my massage, so glad I had it done, like a whole weight has been lifted off my chest and shoulders.  Thank you so much”

“My experience was my first "kahuna" style massage.  It felt like it lifted stress & tension from the body.  I particularly loved the pulling of the neck & shoulder muscles, the face massage & the arms.  My back holds allot of tension and shoulders too!  I now feel floaty and could very easily sleep.   I'll be back for another one!!”

“You made my body feel alive again, was my first but will not be my last..Thanks Lucy”

“My first experience with this technique has left me so impressed. Lucy is skilled and targets tension perfectly Sciatica massage targeted perfectly. Thank you for a wonderful experience, you are highly recommended Lucy.”

“I had never had a ka'huna massage before, but I been told that it was a unique and very relaxing form of massage. The massage I had from Lucia was more than relaxing - I have never ever felt so calm both in body and mind! The meditation tapes were very helpful in achieving a clear mind. Such a great way to spend some time for myself. I would highly recommend Lucia and ka'huna massage.”

“I loved my massage by Lucy - she is truly a gifted healer. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed even when I began processing some deep and painful grief during the massage.  I adored the way she found just where to clear my blocked energy flow all through the massage and the meditation during massage meant I left feeling clear minded even though my muscles were tired.  I slept very well that night for the first time in months. Provided you work with the process - Lucy and Kahuna can really help you feel and look better immediately.     Thank you Lucy!”

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