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Kaiser Coaching

Ingrid Kaiser

Servicing area: Avalon, Church Point, Northern Beaches

Kaiser Coaching

Specialising in providing Life and Execxutive Coaching Services to people in Avalon, Church Point and The Northern Beaches


At Kaiser Coaching we are dedicated and committed to helping individuals discover their potential, inspiration and motivation to get back in touch with where they are and who they truly are.

We do this by focusing on and developing higher awareness, so you can make better choices and get better results in life, relationships and in the workplace.

Our programs aim to create sustainable change and take your life to the next level by helping you get in touch with your most authentic self, so you can be happy and secure with who you are as you interact with the world.

Do you ever find yourself questioning or thinking -

  • What do I really want out of life?
  • Why do I feel so overwhelmed and stressed?
  • I could do anything if only I knew what it was.
  • I try to make changes but always end up back in the same place.
  • I want to feel happier and more fulfilled in my personal life or career.
  • I need inspiration and motivation to move forward.
  • How can I identify and clarify my goals?
  • I feel misunderstood, alone, lonely or dissatisfied.
  • I need someone to talk to and bounce ideas off in a non-judgemental confidential manner.
  • How can I get though these challenging life events?

If you are experiencing or feeling any of the above, you are not the only one. We have never lived in a world as full of distractions, technology and pressure quite like this. Let us help you take action to achieve clarity and fulfilment and reach your goals. We at Kaiser Coaching specialise in

Services We Offer

  • Life Coaching: An integrated approach to help people find solutions in life through improved awareness, goal setting and personal development.
  • Workplace coaching: Understanding your drivers, values & limiting beliefs to achieve better work life balance and improve your performance, fulfilment & success.
  • Relocation coaching: Moving interstate or overseas can be a stressful experience. We can help you deal with cultural differences, adjustment, change and reintegration when returning home.
  • Coaching workshops


Coaching can help in many ways. Below are just few examples of when using a coach can be beneficial

  • Dealing with the stress that comes from life events or transitions such as career, relocation, retirement or divorce.
  • Improving relationships and communication.
  • Exploring new possibilities, finding purpose or discovering your true potential.
  • If you are looking to achieve better clarity, self awareness or personal growth.
  • Defining the direction of your life and become more connected to your personal values and drivers.
  • Achieving balance and fulfilment.
  • Achieving moderation with alcohol, food or other indulgences.


Advantages of coaching with us

  • FREE 15 minute exploratory session by phone
  • Coaching sessions can be held face to face or online via Zoom, Skype or other.
  • Our consulting room is in Avalon or we can come to you anywhere on the Northern Beaches or North Shore upon request.
  • Email contact between sessions
  • Confidentiality
  • We are non-judgemental, patient and respectful
  • Coaching personally tailored for you
  • Action plan and workbook
  • Summary emailed after each session
  • We are members of the International Coach Federation and adhere to a CODE of PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS


For more information about any of the professional services we offer, please call Ingrid on 0406 158 659, or 'Make an Enquiry' below.


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