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Member since
Jan 2018

Kali Devi Energetics

Contact Name Michelle Murphy
Mobile 0409 819 899
Address 6/49-51 Kiora Rd
Miranda NSW 2228

Creating Magical Lives

Kali Devi Energetics


At Kali Devi Energetics we are focused on transformation by connecting clients to their inner magic. We believe in endless possibilities and the power of consciousness and energy to awaken the inner healer in us all. Bringing about real and lasting change for the mind body and spirit.

Using a unique combinations of intuitive counselling, Energy medicine and Clinical Hypnotherapy we are able to navigate the dimensions between spirituality and science, creating a safe space to inspire change and assist our clients to transform their world.

Individual sessions and programs are available to assist clients in all areas of their life, including health and wellbeing, relationships, finance, business, careers/life purpose and spiritual awakening.

For those who wish to go deeper there are meditations, workshops and online programs that offer practical tools to empower and support with life's challenges.

What's in a Name
Empowerment and liberation of the soul.

Hi I'm the founder and owner of Kali Devi Energetics. Some of you may be wondering why I chose the name Kali Devi Energetics. Kali Devi is the name of a Hindu Goddess associated with empowerment and liberation of the soul. Kali is often depicted as a ferocious goddess of death, it is however the death of the ego that is being symbolised. Mother Kali is compassionate as she offers liberation to her children through the cutting of the egoic attachements that keep us trapped in identification with our bodies. We are more than our minds and our bodies we are beings of spirit, and as we surrender to Kali we are set free.

It is with this loving, compassionate yet powerfully transformational energy that we offer our services to empower and liberate the souls of all who visit and use our services.

Our Practitioners
Kali Devi (Michelle Murphy)
Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy
Ignite Your Spirit Therapist

Kali Devi is passionate about awakening the inner healer in us all so that we can blaze as the authentic beings we are meant to be. With the strong belief that we can heal ourselves Kali Devi has explored many complimentary modalities over the last twenty years. After graduating as a Clinical Hypnotherapist Kali Devi followed her inner guidance and found her way to Shanti Mission where she studied as an Ignite Your Spirit Therapist and found the tools for energy healing that truly resonated & transformed lives. Combining her logical problem solving skills with her intuitive gifts as an energy healer; Kali Devi is able to navigate her clients through their transformation with love, compassion and a practical grounded approach, empowering them to awaken & shine.


Soul Illumination Program

This 6 week program is the first step in connecting to your higher self, activating your codes, expanding your consciousness and illuminating your soul. Initial deposit required of $240 with 6 weekly payments of $80

Angel Activation Sessions

During these sessions you will be transported into the Angelic realms to receive guidance, activations, healing and tools to connect with your Guardian Angel and team. These powerful beings of light and unconditional love in collaboration with your Guardian Angel will facilitate healing and transformation that resonate with your soul's blueprint; gently guiding and supporting you to SHINE BRIGHT and BE YOU in the world.

Energy Wellness Sessions

Experience the nurturing power of Integrative Energy therapy. It is safe, non invasive and works on the emotional, mental, physical & spiritual bodies to facilitate real and lasting change.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Delve into the superconscious and access your own unique inner resources to achieve desired outcomes.

Soul Business Alignment

Unlock your full potential, release fears and limiting beliefs that sabotage your business success.
Did you know that unconscious thoughts patterns and beliefs can impact your business? Are you contemplating a business idea or starting a project and not sure if it is right for you?Are you feeling stuck in your business and not sure why things aren't flowing?


An easy to follow style of meditation, ideal for those with busy minds. Using a mixture of enjoyable chanting, guided visualizations, spoken releases, breath and body awareness, these meditations assist you to clear the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body removing any energy that is unhelpful, draining and no longer serves us.

For all enquiries contact us today!

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