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Kanaloa Massage & Natural Therapies Centre

Annelise Dellit

14 Dunnart Pl
Mt Coolum QLD 4573

Servicing area: Mt Coolum, Queensland

Kanaloa is the Hawaiian word for ideal integrated Body, Mind & Soul

Kanaloa Massage & Natural Therapies Centre

Welcome to Kanaloa Massage & Natural Therapies Centre
where my passion is massage, healing and looking after you.

  • Remedial Massage
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Traditional Balinese Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Hawaiian Kahuna Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage (with pregnancy cushion set)
  • Back & Neck Problems
  • Balinese Spa Treatments:
  • Lulur Body Scrub
  • Borah Bodywraps
  • Traditional Balinese Facial
  • Reiki

  • CLINIC HOURS: By Appointment Only
    Closed Sundays

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  • Pensioner Rates
  • Electronic Health Rebates Available

About me

Welcome to Kanaloa Massage & Natural Therapies Centre where my passion is healing through massage and reiki and nurturing with authentic Balinese spa therapies.

I have been in the massage and natural therapies industry since 1997. After 13 years successfully operating out of Noosa Junction, I relocated Kanaloa to the beautiful Mt Coolum in 2013.

The therapy centre is a separate Balinese style pavilion adjacent to my home thus allowing me more flexibility with my appointment availability and also the privilege to work from my own piece of paradise.

Over the years I have trained in a variety of different styles of massage therapies and healing modalities and continue to do so in order to deliver the best possible experience to my clients, whether that be to remedy a problem, assist in energetically clearing mental and emotional blockages through reiki or enhance a blissfully relaxing massage, the possibilities are endless and each treatment is tailored to the individual.

In 2013 I had the privilege of training in Bali in Traditional Balinese massage and selected spa treatments including Lulur body scrub, body wraps and the traditional Balinese faciall all with authentic products imported from Bali adding a new dimension to the therapies I offer.

The emphasis is on tailoring each massage and treatment to your individual needs, as every ‘body’ is different. Massage is not just about the physical body, it is also a time to completely let go mentally and emotionally. Whether you want a deep/firm therapeutic massage, remedial or total blissed out relaxation combining massage and reiki or reiki on its own then you have come to the right place.

My philosophy is to deliver a profound experience to all my clients, I believe in quality treatments rather than quantity so each individual gets the best I can possible give and a true nurturing of their soul.

Feel free to contact me about any of the massages, reiki or spa treatments I offer, I am available to take your call 7 days or leave a message for me to return.

Dip RM, Reiki Master


Swedish/Relaxation Massage
Swedish MassageSwedish Massage is an effective treatment for soft tissue injuries, stress etc but it is also a pleasure when there is nothing wrong with you. Massage increases circulation, aids the digestive process, assists the body in eliminating waste products and can decrease blood pressure. Back pain and headaches can also be relieved. Most importantly, however, it feels wonderful and gives you a sense of peace from within.

Remedial Massage
Remedial Massage may employ a range of techniques to ‘remedy’ health problems. We work with the muscles, connective tissue, body stretches , cupping and hot stones etc. The major emphasis is to correct and treat health problems. Stress and the frequent repitition of a movement can distress our muscles, if we do not release the tension the muscles can spasm and stay contracted causing pain and discomfort.

Traditional Balinese Massage
I will show you what a real Balinese Massage feels like. All movements of a classic Balinese Body Massage use the fingers and palm of the hand with movement variations such as pressure points, palm pressure, sliding, long and short effleurage, kneading, circling and folding. Balinese massage covers and idealizes tired and aching muscles and is mostly used for prevention, such as relaxation, body indulgence and anti-stress. The massage is firm and skillfully carried out using organic coconut oil infused with essential oils.

Hawaiian ‘Kahuna’ Massage
Ka Huna MassgeKahuna Bodywork and philosophy dates back thousands of years and holds that the human body is designed to reflect perfect unity of body, mind and spirit. Consequently disharmony in one area is mirrored in another. Long stored anger, resentment, fear and other negative beliefs may manifest as muscular and skeletal soreness, illness, skin conditions etc. The massage is performed with arms and hands in a flowing movement over the body, any blockages are gently released, leaving you with a sense of total relaxation and wellbeing.

Sports Massage
Sports Massage is the application of certain massage techniques to enhance athletic performance. Exercise places a tremendous stress on the body whilst fluid accumulates, creating soreness and stiffness. Sports Masssage techniques stimulate the circulation, lubricating the muscles, decreasing friction and removing toxins and acids

Pregnancy Massage
Using a specially designed pregnancy cushion set, the mother to be can lie on her stomach well into her pregnancy in complete comfort. Massage can play an important role throughout your pregnancy whether it be to relieve aching muscles or to totally relax and be nurtured. We also have a pregnancy massage chair if lying on the table is not an option in the later stages of pregnancy.

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage combines the benefits of hydrotherapy/thermalism using 35 basalt hot stones throughout the treatment incorporated with the beautiful flowing strokes of lomi lomi massage. You will sure to be transported into a harmonising sensory experience, creating deep healing and total blissful relaxation.


Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle, yet powerful method of healing. Reiki energy, (often described as `universal life energy' or `spiritual energy') is accessed by the practitioner during a treatment. It enhances the body’s natural healing ability and promotes wellbeing.
Reiki treatment stands on its own as a healing practice and is also safely used to support orthodox and complementary medicine. Reiki doesn’t interfere with or diminish the intended effects of other health or medical practices.


Standard Massages
30 mins: $60
45 mins: $75
60 mins: $90
75 mins: $105
90 mins: $120

Traditional Balinese Massage
60 mins: $95
75 mins: $110
90 mins: $125

Hawaiian Massage
60 mins: $100
75 mins: $120
90 mins: $140

Hot Stone Massage
90 mins: $150

60 mins: $90

Is the Hawaiian word for
Ideal Integrated
Body, Mind & Soul

My desire is to achieve exactly this. I am a passionate caring therapist who aims to bring you back into balance with the wonderful art of bodywork

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