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Kaptured Nutrition

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Kaptured Nutrition
"Katherine is astute in applying learned knowledge to formulate clear hypothesis for the case, and is able to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan and lifestyle protocol to enable her clients to achieve positive health results"

Kaptured Nutrition - Nutrition & Wellness Services

One on One Consultations

Katherine is situated in the beautiful Byron Bay area and provides a mobile service where she can come and visit you in your own space. Katherine also provides Skype consultations for all clients across Australia and those around the world.

With her initial consultations an hour and a half detailed and open discussion is had with the client to learn about their medical history, lifestyle, any diagnosed medical conditions and a thorough review of any supplements or medications taken. Inclusive with a full comprehensive evaluation and diet analysis.

A treatment plan will be customised to meet the specific requirements and health goals of the client; this will also include lifestyle and diet advice and nutritional medicine prescriptions.

Any further assessments may be needed to investigate specific health related issues/conditions, including:

  • DNA genomic testing - tests over 100 DNA changes within the body for each individual and provides a report designed with a specific nutritional program

  • Hormonal profiling

  • Direct referrals for general pathology tests

  • Uses functional screening tests

  • Allergy / Food sensitivities testing

  • Nutritional assessments

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About Kaptured Nutrition BA of Health Science with a major in Nutritional Medicine + Accredited member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association.

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