Karen Scott - International Clairvoyant - Medium

Karen Scott

Madora Bay WA 6210

Servicing area: from Madora bay to past perth/madurah

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Phone and Private Readings, Reiki, Intuitive Guidance, Healing and Energy Balance.

Karen Scott - International Clairvoyant - Medium

About Karen

International Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium

Karen;s Clairvoyance, Psychic Medium and Tarot Reading gifts have been used to help people gain clarity, guidance and healing around the world.

Karen has a natural gift and through compassion, support and guidance brings comfort and direction to others she meets. Karen has a pleasant 'down to earth', nurturing and honest approach. Karen receives channelled guidance and messages from 'The Spirit World' and uses her compassionate and empathetic understanding and knowledge to help with clarity, support and to assist you

As a very young child Karen would talk to what she called her 'Magic Signet Ring' that her grandmother had given her... As an adult she now knows she was communicating with Spirit. As a child Karen learned to live with her gifts to see, hear, feel, smell and sense spirit around her; they were family and became a big part of her life.

Karen works as a Health & Well Being practitioner, as a Reader and Tarot Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Practitioner and Teacher. Karen runs workshops that also include Psychic Development and Tea Leaf Readings.

Through her work Karen feels honoured to connect with people around the world


1 hour • Price varies
READINGS: Private & Phone. Group Bookings (4 or more People) Modalities: Intuition, Tarot, Pendulum, Clairvoyance, Psychic, Mediumship for guidance, choices & closure in your life.

READINGS - Group/Party bookings
Duration varies • Price varies
A party is a good way to get together with friends. For bookings of 4 or more people I will travel to you. **Venue in Medina is available for groups of people (catering optional)

1 hour • Price varies

Duration varies • Price varies
Healing: Releasing emotional oldb blockages, Spiritual/Psychic Guidance. Inner child/soul retrieval, energy & chakra balance combined all to assist choices, experiences, closure and moving forward.

Duration varies • Price varies
PRACTITIONER - Spiritual & emotional guidance, rest & relaxation TEACHER (Master) - Courses for Reiki I, & II (complete separately over 2 days)

MEDITATION - Private & Group
Duration varies • Price varies
Private $25 - guided healing mediation for relaxation, removing blockages and direction Group Meditation - Guided meditation for relaxing, direction and moving forward

1 hour • Price varies
Combination of both for deep rest, relaxation and healing ** One card reading optional extra

Duration varies • Price varies
If life is now flowing as you know it should. Energy in your home or business does not feel quite right. Are you seeing, feeling and/or hearing things that you just cannot explain. Help is waiting!

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Karen Scott - International Clairvoyant - Medium