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Karyn has 26 years experience as a Naturopath and Homoeopath. She uses Vegatesting, Herbal medicine, Homeopathy, Flower essences, Nutritional and dietary advice.

Karyn Bilotto Naturopath

Servicing area

Burwood East, Victoria

Focus areas

Stress Management Hormones Lifestyle Natural medicine Skin problems Parasites

Diagnosis is made from:
  • Consultation – case-taking to establish details of the presenting complaint, constitution and past history.
  • Vegatesting.
  • Iris Diagnosis.
  • Hair analysis or other tests if appropriate.
  • Health appraisal Questionaire
Advice and treatment are tailored specifically to each individuals needs, Therapies include:
  • Herbal medicine.
  • Homoepathic medicine.
  • HomeoBotanical Remedies.
  • Bach and Australian Flower Essences.
  • Vitamin and mineral therapy.
  • Nutritional supplements.
  • Dietary advice
  • Juice supplements.
  • Lifestyle assessment.
  • Prevention therapy, patient education and self-care.

I have worked as a Naturopath with over 25 years experience, covering all types of ill-health.


The VEGATEST is a very effective diagnostic tool. This device brings together traditional chinese acupuncture and western technology. It is an accurate and non-invasive testing device to identify ENERGY imbalances in the body.

VEGA TESTING is a form of medical diagnosis, which is highly advanced in Germany and other European countries. The VEGATEST method has been under continuous development and improvement since 1978 This highly sophisticated electronic equipment is capable of measuring energy flow through the bodies acupuncture meridians.

Disturbances in the body can often be detected in the early stages, before they become evident in normal pathology tests, or when the latter tests all prove normal yet the person still feels unwell.

To find out the main causes of ill-health.
To work out which specific natural medicines will bring the person back to health.

No matter what the condition. Eg: tiredness, lethargy anxiety, depression, insomnia, constipation, frequent colds or headaches etc.

How does the Vegatest work?
A Vega machine measures electrical conductivity across the skin at acupuncture points.

It is a method that provides information about the health of the body via electrical measurements of the skin at these acupoints.

The Vegatest looks at the body as an energy system. We are testing an energetic signal.
The concept is that the first sign of dis-ease in the body means there is a an energetic change in cells or organ tissues. If these abnormal electrical changes are permitted to continue, they create a condition for disease to occur.

Once the case history and symptoms have been given, the patient is ready to be Vegatested.
He sits down in front of the device, picks up an electrode and the practitioner begins to touch the skin at certain acupuncture points on the hands, using an electrical probe (which looks like a pencil). This measurement process creates a measurement Loop. NB: It is pain-free.

One point is measured and samples corresponding to different organs, and different disease-causing factors such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and chemical toxins are introduced into the electrical circuit one by one. A change in reading shows which bodily organs are affected and by what.

NB: The Vegatest is a tool, which requires a trained practitioner who has the learning
and experience to effectively test and interpret the results.

The energy reading Eg, of an organ is related to the electrical voltage level of that acupoint.
Thus a low acupoint voltage may be caused by an organ of a low general vitality. Conversely, higher than normal acupoint voltage readings can be indicative of an underlying inflammatory process.

Why use the Vegatest?

The vegatest machine is used to clarify why the person is sick. For example, is stress and low energy caused by:
  • poor nervous, adrenal or liver function?
    Which organ is most stressed? We need to support the body, at the place that it needs the most!
  • Is there a deficiency of nutrients, eg. minerals like potassium
    or vitamins B or C?
  • Is there an infection from bacteria, fungi, yeast, or viruses?
  • Are there any food intolerances?
    Is the body in a toxic state? Is there an overload of mercury, lead, preservatives or insecticides?
    Heavy Metal Toxicity – toxicity from heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic and others are key elements responsible for the development of chronic disease.
    What is the key block, or obstacle preventing health or healing?
    Which organ needs nourishing and healing, or help with clearing toxic waste?


    We finish Vegatesting by testing which specific natural medicines work together to target the best healing outcome.
    Not all supplements are the same. The body may only resonate with one type of remedy. We can test the most tolerated and most effective remedy. For example if the body requires magnesium, which form of magnesium is best?

    Is it the magnesium phosphate celloid, or the aspartate, chelate, or orotate mineral form?
    Or which combination? We can test which form is the most appropriate using the vegatest.
    Also, which is the best homeopathic potency that best suits the person?

    Other examples of what can be tested.
    • Is the acid- alkaline balance correct? Is this the cause of the skin problems, the indigestion, or the arthritis?
    • Specific Organ Health. Eg: Is the liver overloaded with work in detoxing, because there are too many bad bacteria in the small or large bowel?
    • If the most stressed organ is the bowel, then toxicity from here could be causing ill-health in the sinuses or the skin.
    • Nutritional deficiences –which vitamin, mineral, enzyme is deficient.
    • Food intolerances -- 260 foods can be tested for sensitivities.
    • Allergies -- Are dyes, cosmetics, pollens, chemicals, or pesticides a problem?
    • Microbial infections ----eg:We can check viral , fungal, yeast, bacterial, worm, parasites and dysbiosis.
    • Harmful substances , eg: electromagnetic and radiation stress.
    • What are the key toxins and deep–seated intoxications.
    • Hormone imbalances. Which specific hormones are energetically imbalanced.
    What you can expect during your Naturopathic visit
    The initial consultation, will last about 60 minutes.
    A thorough case history will be taken. Vegatesting, plus other tests as required.

    Your health program may include:
    • Dietary changes,
    • Natural medicines which could include:
    • Vitamin and mineral supplements.
    • Homeopathy to stimulate a specific response.
    • Herbal supplements to support and strengthen your body's systems.
    The role of Homeopathy in Naturopathic Medicine
    It is a remedy system based on the idea that the body's natural defenses can be stimulated by a minute, diluted dose of a substance. The body recognizes the healing energy vibration of the medicine and mobilizes its own defenses to heal.

    • To tone, and restore vitality and function to over-stressed and over-relaxed parts of the body.
    • Nutrition of the cells and tissues will be improved
    • the elimination of waste products facilitated.

    An iris analysis using a special iris microscope is used to determine a number of health conditions.
    Health conditions that may be developing such as inflammation in body tissues and organs, toxicity in the body, or degeneration in organs. Hereditary weaknesses, and constitution are assessed.

    The iris of the eye has its own topography or map. The various iris markings indicates which specific tissue or organ is affected.

    Digital photos of the eye are taken and put onto the computer screen to view.

    Please note this….it took time to build ill-health, so it may need time to build a healthy body.

    Tuesdays and Fridays
    9 am to 1pm
    All day

    Initial Visit $130
    Subsequent $90
    Pensioner Discount.

    HICAPS on the spot rebates are available for members of all eligible private health funds

    Mention this site to receive 10% OFF the cost of your first consultation.
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