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Calming Nature Therapies

Wellington Point QLD 4160

Calming Nature Therapies

Verbalise the unspoken voice...

Calming Nature Therapies - Art Therapy & Sandplay Therapy

Art Therapy is suitable for adults, teenagers, children and the elderly. One of the amazing benefits of art therapy is that the clients do not need any art knowledge or expertise; the emphasis is on the process of developing and of meaning-development, rather than on the end product. Art Therapy can help clients to:

    • Explore imagination and creativity

    • Identify and clarify concerns

    • Overcome fears, depression, and grief

    • Overcome and accept an illness

    • Engage the senses

    • Enjoy the pleasures of making art

    • Develop healthy coping skills

    • Increase communication skills

    • Can facilitate healing self-awareness

    • Identify blocks of emotional expression

    • Nurture the heart

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