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Calming Nature Therapies

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Calming Nature Therapies

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Calming Nature Therapies - Other Services

Crystal Healing & Therapy

Crystals have a hidden energy or universal life force that can help balance our chakras.

    • They can be used to unblocked any negative energy in your body

    • Crystals can be used as a protection against any negative energy that you may be experiencing

    • I use crystals during my Reiki sessions in order to magnify the healing energy

    • Helping you to find clarity, whether is through life challenges, relationships or work related issues

    • Crystals, like Reiki can eliminate pain and help recover from illnesses

    • They can used on their own, or in a grid formation depending on your circumstances

Soul Collage Facilitator

SoulCollage® has the ability to:

    • Tap into your subconscious, allowing the images to speak to you.

    • Find our hidden goddesses

    • Connect with your archetypes (spiritual guides)

    • Work through our 'shadows' and 'golden shadows'

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