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Jan 2018

Kathleen Pollaers Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Contact Name Kathy Pollaers
Mobile 0435 852 049
Address 3
2 - 1 Centennial Drv
Campbelltown NSW 2560

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Life Coach

Inspired Solutions

“If you want to think in terms of the universe,think in energy frequency and vibration” -Nikola Tesla

Inspiring the Soul

Connecting the Spirit

Rejuvenating your Life

Kathleen Pollaers Coaching & Hypnotherapy

About Me

For the Past 25 years I had been a very successful sales person.I love to inspire people to be there better self, to have a laugh in life.I realised a few years ago that I loved to help people.So I studied intently and am here to day as a Hypnotherapist and Life Coach.My passion is to help people have the best life that they were born to have


Are you ready to be the best you can be?

I see my role as a coach being able to “INSPIRE” my clients to be their best.

My Solutions focused coaching and mentoring methods are designed to help you to bring out your best.To literally recalibrate your life.

A lot of people get stuck in their life not knowing where to go next.I went through this a few years ago,staying in a job that did not bring my best out.

I always thought that the destination was the prize in life..but it is actually the journey. Imagine living your life as one magnificent journey.

Imagine feeling good for the greatest want of feeling good.All the time! You may think this is crazy talk.

Why would you want to feel good all the time you may ask?

In fact the hardest thing is the HOW do you feel good all the time.

You see those people that are always happy and you think..baa humbug..HOW can they always be happy.The power of your thoughts are so incredibly powerful and have you heard that wonderful phrase ”Your thoughts turn to things”.or “Like attracts like”

We live in an attraction based universe so it makes total sense.

I heard a great teacher and mentor of mine ask the question which to this day is quite profound

“Do you think you create your life


Live your life by default??” Hmm..what is your response??

I have always been known to be the “Spiritual One” in the family and this blew me away.I sort of thought I created my life and all the crappy things that came was ok and I just “dealt with it”.. and when I realised these sayings..

“what will be will be” or “I don't have control over that” fact you are the ONLY one in control! When I heard these old sayings.. and realised it is suddenly a LIE.

I have spent my life thinking that..some days are good and some are bad. What if I could help you become a “DELIBERATE CREATOR”

What does that mean you ask.Well it means what if you could FEEL good all the time. What if you could see the difference in becoming a Deliberate creator to a

Deliberate reactor.

I healed myself from Anxiety by practicing these techniques. Everything is Energy.

You might think that your body is just a lump of flesh..But it is actually made up of Trillions of Cells,molecules atoms which all vibrate at a certain frequency.The key to being a great manifester in life..which means getting everything you could ever want is to master your Vibrational Frequency 

I have found that people really want to feel good.Who came on this planet and said I want to be depressed or have anger, Stress anxiety,fear etc and the only thing that can help me are pills?

So this new technique the VFE TECHNIQUE that I designed exclusively for my Clients is all about recalibrating your mind and getting out of the old stuck ways which no longer serve you and into tapping into to the new energies available to us right now.

VFE techniques cover every aspect of your life.Money,success,work you name it.Do you want to become a Master Manifestor?

‘The first step in creating new is letting go of what you have been experiencing.You let go of the same old experiences by releasing your resistance to them and your judgements of them. When you stop shaming and blaming yourself for where you are and where you have been,you put yourself in the point of the creation process where many possibilities are available”

Clinical Hypnotherapy

“What the Mind believes the body Agrees”

Our mind operates consciously when we are awake and can only absorb a certain amount of information.

When we go to bed at night the unconscious takes over.The superpowers that the unconscious mind has is ridiculously genius.We all all geniuses.

Hypnosis is the most powerful way to access this “super power”. People that say

“I can't be hypnotised” don't’ know the real facts as the old fear of the unknown comes into play.But in actual fact 100% of humans go in and out of a trance state all day long.Have you driven somewhere and then thought”how did I get here” also when you very first wake up thats what Hypnosis feels like,fuzzy and warm and just depends on how deep you go.

So Hypnosis has the ability to alter your life.Get rid of fears and anything else that you don’t want.It also has the power to help you get exactly what you do want!So what is is you do want in life?


NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; programming refers to how that neural language functions. In other words, learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind!

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