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Reduce and eliminate physical discomfort, release emotional conflict, enhance relationships and promote prosperity with non-invasive, gentle natural therapies. Both you and your pets can benefit from the bodywork. To schedule an appointment, contact Kathryn online or over the phone.

Animal Therapist & Reiki Healer

Focus areas

Equine reiki Bodywork Pet reiki Physical discomfort Pet laser therapy

With a gentle and effective alternative body therapy, Kathryn helps your body reach a state of balance and comfort.

Kathryn's early experience giving her mother gentle massages to relieve her osteoarthritis pain helped her develop her passion later in life.

Being around farm animals and caring for them taught her compassion, patience, and focus

Kathryn is currently in limited hours, call or message to schedule an appointment.

Services Offered

Body Harmony

Through gently touching and working with the movements in your body, you can relax, unwind, release, and heal.

Release can be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual

Healing can take the form of freedom of movement, pain relief, or the ability to cope with life's challenges.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a non-invasive, manual therapy that focuses on the head, skull, and sacrum.

It’s based on the belief that the body is capable of self-healing if given the appropriate tools and circumstances.

This type of therapy is sometimes referred to as subtle therapy because it involves light, barely noticeable adjustments.

Reiki Therapy

Reiki is facilitated by a light hands-on touch or through distance healing

Energy flows from a practitioner’s hands through your body. Most people feel a sense of warmth from their hands, while others feel a cooling sensation.

Kathryn received individual attunements from her Reiki Master in order to learn “Traditional Reiki”. Following the same traditions, she treats and teaches her patients.

Equine Bodywork

Horses are interesting animals that require a little help from time to time so that they can perform the task we ask them to do. 

Kathryn uses a blend of all the things she learned over the years but mostly does Body Harmony, Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki to make adjustments.

Testimonials from Kathryn’s previous clients:

“I was so honored to receive a treatment from Kathryn today. She has a gentle, kind approach, with attention to body movement. Kathryn intuitively knew the areas of my body that needed treatment & patiently worked with these areas until they released. I felt absolutely amazing at the end of the treatment. I wish I lived closer as I would love to see Kathryn on a regular basis.” - Laura Long

“Kathryn helped to heal the pain in my arm in Adelaide last week. Her gentle confident manner helped me relax and she worked her "magic" healing so that my pain reduced significantly. I can also recommend her Cranial Sacral Therapy session. I was SO relaxed I went to sleep!! Thanks Kathryn Larkin ❤” - Allison Thomas

“Two weeks ago Kath came and worked on a pony for me. He had hardly any muscle tone, which I had been struggling to build on him. Well 2 weeks on and have seen a remarkable change in him. A lot happier and healthy pony. Highly recommend Kath to work on your horses, very knowledgeable lady Thanks again Kath” - Kelly Henningsen

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4 Services

Cranioacral Therapy

$80 Per hour

Body Harmony

$80 Per hour

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