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Kati's Divine Healing

Trauma Hypnosis Hypnotherapist ...
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Kati's Divine Healing

About me

British girl born and raised, I have always had a zest for life. I am a Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Enthusiast, Influencer, World Traveler & Quote Lover spreading sprinkles of positivity on this place we call Earth.

I began my spiritual path upon losing my Nan almost a decade ago and I have never looked back since. It started via Reiki I had one session and I was truly blown away and inspired I went every week for 2 years to get my Reiki fix, it honestly changed my outlook on life and then my practitioner informed me he was running a course and he asked if I would like to learn Reiki, I knew then and there I had a calling - I was to become an Energy Healer, helping people all over the world, I wanted to learn as much as possible.

And so i became a Healer.......

Those years before becoming a healer taught me the importance of heart-centered, trauma-informed, compassionate and professional work which I aspire to integrate in the domain of my energy healing. It is my vision to heal others and help them manifest a life that they love, whilst doing something I Love and truly believe in, nothing brings me as much joy and soul fulfillment. I began travelling in 2016 which has opened my eyes like nothing before and helped me realise even more what my purpose in life is, the corporate world kept shutting me down, the universe was leading the way. It has been here in Australia during the past 3 years I have learnt my other Modalities and I will keep learning and adding to my toolbox to offer my amazing customers the best possible experience.

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Kati's Divine Healing