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Katie Ka Huna Hawaiian Massage Centre

Katie Ka Huna

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Katie Ka Huna Hawaiian Massage Centre

Katie Ka Huna Hawaiian Massage Newcastle

Often called the 'Rolls Royce Of Massage' Ka Huna is a beautiful form of Bodywork also known as Lomi Lomi and Hawaiian Massage. It is unique in that we use our hands, forearms & elbows and move around the table (using Tai Chi style flowing movement) working with energy whilst applying both soft & deep tissue massage. Music is played and we attune the flow of the massage to harmonise rhythms within the clients body, mind & soul. Ka Huna affects the Lymphatic, Immune, Digestive, Circulatory & Respiratory systems. It can therefore help with a variety of ailments from Irritable Bowel Syndrome to headaches and Asthma. It's especially appropriate for stress related aches and neck & upper back tension.

Hi I’m Katie, a warm and loving free spirit who has been practicing Hawaiian Massage since 2010. I came to find this beautiful form of bodywork after a move to the Sunshine Coast and on experiencing my first Ka Huna just knew this is what I wanted to do.  I’ve always been passionate about all forms of massage and their many and varied benefits but Hawaiian Massage really takes the experience to whole new level!  

I spent many years working for Record Companies in Sydney and living a fast paced, work hard/party hard, kind of lifestyle where I used to receive lots of bodywork and varied healing modalities to balance me out and help keep on track with my inner journey. After doing some soul searching in my early thirties I realised I was craving change and a bit more of a meaningful purpose so left my career to head in the new direction of the healing arts. I moved to Qld and started training in Remedial, Reiki & Psychosomatic Therapy and soon after discovered Ka Huna Massage and Heartworks Lomi Lomi. 
I have studied up to Level 5 with ‘Mettes Institute’ on the Sunshine Coast and also in Hawaii with Ho’okahi Tamara, the long term student and partner of the late legendary Kahu Abraham Kawai’i - the creator of this beautiful bodywork.  

I returned to my hometown Newcastle in 2011 and opened my own Ka Huna Centre in Cooks Hill - just off Darby St which I had great success with for 3yrs. I realised however that I had allowed myself to end up back where I started with too many obligations and pressures and got back in touch my original vision - a simple life with a beautiful treatment space in a lovely home and this is how I have run my business ever since.   
I love giving my clients an amazingly therapeutic full body treatment releasing both physical tension built up in the body as well emotional tension lying suppressed within - whilst allowing space for their mind to unravel and sink off into a deep meditative state. This allows true connection to self where our inner knowing lies. 
I use my music playlist, firm pressure with lots of flow & underbody work, essential oils, hot stones, a heated table & room, sound work, reiki and a huge amount of loving intention throughout the massage to achieve this.      

At it's heart Ka Huna Massage connects mind, body and spirit and this gentle but deep flowing form of massage will relax, revitalize & revive you!


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'Lying under the deft tounch of Katie's fingers I was transported to a place of tranquility and relaxation. Never before had I felt the oceanic sensation, like waves over my body, as she massaged my body to a state of peace. For days afterward I was blessed with seemingly endless energy and enthusiasm. I would highly recommend this opportunity to 'get Kahuna'd'. It will truly relax and rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit.' Ange Pratten

Thankyou so much for my massage today. Best massage ever!! You are a gifted healer and have such a generous spirit xx Rachel Cooper

'I have now been Ka Huna'd by Katie and I will be back! A really beautiful and powerful experience' Jo Davidson

'I recently had the luxury of a visit to Katie Kahuna's Hawaiian Massage Centre. What a treat! Katie has created a safe and nurturing environment, one in which I was able to totally surrender and let go of the busyness of my mind and the clutter that was keeping me from living authentically. Under the guidance of her expert hands I met myself and listened to my own voice... to my heart. So often our bodies request this nourishment and so often we claim that we cannot find the time or the money....find no more excuses to give to yourself. This was truly the most unique and beautiful massage I have ever had. I immediately felt a deep sense of peace and throughout the days that followed I have experienced a renewed enthusiasm for life in general.... an infusion of positive energy.' Valerie Horton

'Simply put.. The best massage I've ever had and I've had many in my time!' Dan Clymont

'Prior to Katie being recommended to me by a dear friend of mine i had never heard of Kahuna massage. Over the past decade i have travelled extensively and experienced day spa's and different massage treatments and techniques all with differing physical and emotional outcomes. When i think of my Kahuna experience the word AMAZING comes to mind and the warmth, care, love and power that i felt from ...Katie during my last session moved me to tears....happy tears of course. Such a rare find in the hussle and bustle of todays society that you can share such a moving and peaceful experience that from start to finish is made even more special in that you are in the capable hands of the divine Miss Katie Long.' Rebecca Roberts

'Katie, my mother is raving about her treatment - she loved it!! (and she is no stranger to massages!) So thankyou. She said you were wonderful - good one!' Leisa Latham

'Thank you Katie I wanted to say that the power of your work comes from your focussed place of heart-filled intent…. the energy flows through your open vessel to your client. You are a natural healer - thank you for your beautiful gift to me today xx' Peter

'Oh my goodness Katie… I've been floating along all afternoon! Something really shifted today… I had a big cry on my way home in the car and then felt 300%!! Thank you darling girl - your work is exquisite and powerful and truly amazing.'

'Thank you Katie for a wonderful massage experience. As an overweight person I felt a sense of allowance of myself and my body that I've never really felt before. You made me feel so safe and nurtured and I thank you dearly for that. Not to mention the blissful massage that Kahuna is - I had no idea! I will be back and also telling my friends! xo' Kym

'Hi Katie, I just want to thank you for an amazing massage experience on Tuesday! I have never had anything like that before & literally felt all of my tension being released out of my body. Your help with my breath was so valuable and I am now much more aware of when I am filling up all of the 'space' in my day and not allowing 'me' time to tune in to how I'm feeling. I have been on auto, busy mode for so long in my life that this feels like a major revelation so I can't thank you enough for that! Looking forward to my next in October. Aloha.'
Peta Jameson

'Hi Katie. Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing massage last Sat. I can't believe the impact it has had on me both physically and mentally. I don't know how you sustain it but the service you provide is a gift. Kia Kaha to you.' Geoff.

'Katie, you must really love what you do because you bubble when you speak about it!' Tony

'I feel like every part of my body inner & outer have been stimulated. Toxins be gone! Thank you again Katie.'
Sheree Turnbull

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