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Clearing and enhancing the energy flow in your home and business is key to creating harmony and abundance.

Earth Healing

Focus areas

Happiness Gong Love Breakdown Space clearing Joy


  • New Property or Renovations.

  • Can't Sell you Home or Business.

  • Clearing Residue from Arguments or Relationship Breakdowns.

  • Children Not Sleeping in your New Home.

  • Remove Stagnation from Death or Tragedy.

  • Increasing the Flow of Health, Love, Abundance, Harmony and Wealth!

I work with all of all of these situations and many more.

When was the last time you sat in your home or work environment and asked yourself; How do I feel when I'm here? How does that differ to how I feel when I'm in other places? Is there anything in my environment that influences my happiness and flow?

Earth Healing is one of the most effective ways to reweave the energies of your home and business, to set-up a fresh, peaceful and abundant environment for you, your family and your colleagues to thrive in.


Spiritually, we've come a long way in the west! We've reconnected to ourselves and have remembered the importance of identifying our 'issues' to bring a deeper level of peace and wholeness into our lives. As we search for the deeper meaning to our lives, we gracefully embrace multiple physical and energetic practices, then seek different practitioners to help us reconnect to our true selves to achieve wholeness. We recognise that we are deeply influenced by other people's energy, and that these encounters are so significant that they can even shape much of our perceptions on life!

So how much attention do we pay to our environment and how much it can influence us? When do we stop to consider how the energy that we exist in (home, community areas or work) effects our moods and ways of being? Sure, we know that we feel fabulous after we've been to the beach, and we feel clearer and more alive after a walk in a beautiful park! Though have you considered bringing these feelings into your home, to be part of your everyday life? Give yourself permission to enjoy the peace and harmony that is available to you, when you free yourself from that 'stuck in a rut' feeling. Give yourself permission to feel the way you desire in your home and business. It's time to detox your space.

The sacred practice of Earth Healing has carried many names and it's importance has been deeply honoured and commonly practiced across different lands and cultures. There are many practices still used today that are widely recognised and honoured in the community. Some more common examples that I give and pay deep respect to are: the ancient arts of; Feng Shui, Religious Blessings, Indigenous Smudging Ceremonies and the wide use of Cultural Talismans, to help protect and keep negative entities 'away'. Others will summon the help of the Devic community to conduct Crystal Healings and of course, mention must be made to the magic of Sound Healing in it's numerous forms: Voice, Singing Bowls, Bells and Gongs to name a few!

I predominantly use Sacred Geometry as my gateway to tap into the magic of Mother Earth. I then intuitively open to what you and your individual space specifically requires. I clear, heal and set-up this space for you, achieving a deeper and longer lasting space clearing. This benefits you and all beings that exist on the land from the past, present and for future times, in accordance with the Divine Will of all involved. I clear not only the more surface issues, so readily attended to through other methods, but dig deeper and clear the core wounding that exists as old memories in the Earth beneath you. Through doing this, I clear, revive and reweave the energy of the land to raise the vibration of the environment around you.


Every single moment is a good time to clear out the old and bring in the new. Every single second is a perfect time to want to better your environment and in turn, support yourself. Every single breath you take is a reminder that you are a living being that can inspire change within every fragment of your thought. Every single moment is a choice to either stay on the old road or find opportunity to create change and become clearer and more complete.

I allow for and assist the opportunity to change. I clear the wounding in your land and reintroduce you to a fresh flow of harmony and abundance for you, your family and your colleagues.

Your intention to Heal your Land will be, a highly individual experience. If Earth Healing catches your interest, then you are ready to discuss how I can help you.

Some further examples of issues I'm asked to help with include:

  • Moving on Unwelcome 'Guests' (Ghosts and Entities)

  • Support for times when you're 'stuck' in life

  • Unexplained Uneasiness in areas of your Home or Work

  • Closing Inter-Dimentional Cracks, Fissures and Vortexes from Earth Electromagnetic Energy Field

  • Welcoming a New Family Member to the Home!

  • Cleansing and Setting Up Specific use Sacred Spaces for example; Study, Home Office, Yoga Space, Meditation Room, Healing Room?

  • New Business

  • Attracting the Right Clients

  • Bring in more Positive Vibes and Increase Energetic Flow to your Space

I love to work directly with the land and get the most out of being physically present.

I work closely with the Earth and Spirit, making time and space become irrelevant, allowing me to offer distant healings that are just as effective as though I was there in person. This means that even though I'm currently based in Brisbane, I can still heal your space no matter where you are in the country- or indeed the world! I thoroughly enjoy working with community sites, and welcome the opportunity of group sponsorship to focus on these spaces. There is literally no-where on our amazing Planet that I would shy away from playing my part to help facilitate her vibrational shift.

When you realise how very deserving you are of this experience, feel free to call me for a chat. I'd love to discuss how Earth Healing will benefit and support your individual needs.

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