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Kay Lindley

Stirling SA 5162

Servicing area: Adelaide, South Australia

Kay Lindley
Change your mind with EFT - Creating new life possibilities.

Mind Salad - EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT -- Emotional Freedom Technique is a technique that uses tapping on meridian points of the body to free up the body's trapped energy caused by negative emotions.

Surprisingly simple and easy to apply, it can provide relief from blockages that are wide ranging and can be emotional or physiological.

My role role is to utilise the art of EFT to help you be the best you.

Some of the benefits to using EFT are;
  • change can occur in a minimal number of sessions
  • itís easy to apply
  • you can apply it anywhere
  • on anyone
  • on anything
  • for anything
  • you can tap on yourself
  • you can tap in a group
  • you can tap with a coach
  • EFT will work, even when you donít believe in it


They say you can use it on EVERYTHING and you really CAN!

About Kay
So who am I?
  • Graduate Certificate NLP
  • Advanced EFT
  • I am an Adelaide corporate senior leader, manager and coach. I have a focus on teaching others how to help themselves in areas of stress, anxiety and work situations. I often run courses in conjunction with The Coaching Space and Mind and Body Consultancy.

    My skill set deliberately includes a variety of tools that utilise the unconscious to effect change and enable you the best opportunity for successful outcomes. I use my unique combination of skills and experience to coach you to create personal fulfilment. I passionately believe we all have the ability to change and we all have the ability to achieve what we desire.

Qualification Details

Grad. Cert. NLP

Kay Lindley's qualifications and skill set includes EFT (Maggie Atkins), Ericksonian Hypnosis (Paul Bennett) and her NLP qualifications are Australian Government Accredited and endorsed by all International NLP Associations. She has undertaken advanced NLP training and trainers training with Dr. John Grinder, co-founder of NLP and the talented Jules and Chris Collingwood (Inspiritive).

When not leading others or mixing her mind salad, Kay can be found taking long walks on the beach with her dogs or laughing loudly with friends over good food and white wine.

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