Kelly Sayers from Betterlife Bookstore

Womens Empowerment Coach/Mediu

Mount Pleasant WA 6153

Servicing area: Anywhere in the world via ZOOM online or in Person Mt Pleasant WA

Kelly Sayers is an Amazon Best Selling Author of "Discovering Your Life's Purpose, Award Winning Womens Empowerment Life Coach, Psychic Medium and Motivational Speaker.

Discover Your Higher Purpose and Share Your Message with the world. Specialized in creating coaching programs for Women to empower themselves and others. Kelly is the Founder of BetterLife Bookstore, Angel Academy, The Coaches Platform, Self Discovery Magazine, Soulful Awards, Self Discovery Network and SDTV.

Kelly Sayers from Betterlife Bookstore

As a mother, womens empowerment coach, author, medium & entrepreneur. My mission is to empower women to believe in themselves, gain the clarity and confidence they need to fulfill their highest vision of success and turn their passion and purpose into a laptop lifestyle coaching or consulting business they love. 

I help many women who feel disconnected, lost in the cycle of life, have self doubt, fear and stress, unclear about who they really are, what they want out of life and how to make it happen. 

I have online coaching courses ranging from 12 weeks Angel Academy helping you discover your higher purpose and how to make money online as a coach or consultant OR I also have 12 months soulful entrepreneur 250k mastermind groups, OR private 6-12 months life purpose consulting-how to turn your passion and purpose into an online business or one hour psychic mediumship readings to get you started on your journey of self discovery and self empowerment.

Please refer to "Courses" in the header on my website and look up my online academy. You can also schedule a zoom call on my website.

One hour mediumship $250 hour will give you clarity confidence and certainty that will change your life forever. 

Our services; self study online courses, private consulting, group coaching, private readings, meditation classes weekly, ebook publishing services, womens networking events, soulful awards yearly event.



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Amazon best selling author with Balboa press/Hayhouse. 20 Years of life coaching and business experience Spiritual Teacher, meditation classes for over 20 years Pranic Healing, EFT Management and Psychic Medium

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This practitioner provides online consults
Kelly Sayers from Betterlife Bookstore