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The naturopathic approach can help people experiencing many conditions.

Kenmore Centre for Health - Naturopathy & Nutrition

Naturopathy focuses on bringing the body to a state of health through an adequate nutrition and diet, a healthy digestive system and a sensible lifestyle. Naturopathy is a holistic treatment, this means that it does not simply just treat symptoms in isolation but looks at illness and health in context of the whole body health. A naturopath will combine a thorough history with the results of tests when required to develop a customised course treatment.

Treatment as a rule comprises of a mix of dietary rules, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine and lifestyle as needed. There is little point in taking supplements if the digestive system is unable to absorb them properly, thus healthy digestion is always at the core of naturopathic treatment.

What can Naturopathy help with?
  • Metabolic Problems – Type 2 Diabetes, Difficulty losing weight.
  • Digestive Problems – IBS, Constipation, Allergy symptoms.
  • Immune Dysfunction – Frequent infections, Eczema, Glandular fever.
  • Nervous system – Insomnia, Anxiety, Addictions, Depression.
  • Women’s Health – Infertility, PCOS, PMS, Menopause
  • Children’s Health – Food sensitivities, ADHD/Learning, Recurring Illness.

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