K Flow Kinesiology and Counselling Services

Liz Teesdale-Smith

Adelaide SA 5000

Welcome to K Flow Kinesiology

Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring as biofeedback to identify stress in your body's energy and creates change by correcting the imbalance.

K Flow Kinesiology and Counselling Services

About me

I am excited about working in the field of Kinesiology and bringing my essences, tuning forks, counselling and a Reiki practice to support you achieve a greater balance and calm so you can connect with your true path.

Kinesiology combines a  Eastern wisdom and Western techniques to enhance and trust the body knows what it needs to heal. As a Kinesiologist I use muscle monitoring to access the subconcious in respect to subcortical systems which can negatively impact on our wellbeing. I work with you and the information collected to activate a healing journey which promotes your body and heart mind combining to reach your desired goal.  For example remove joint pain, resolving trauma and becoming calmer with a greater sense of your own agency

I have experience working in mental health,  trauma and dealing with difficult feelings including grief and loss. I combine Kinesiology,  counselling and Tapping depending on what your needs are.


Kathy K.
I feel amazing after my tapping sessions.  Thanks Liz. I feel calm in my body and positive in my outlook.

Ali F
I can manage my life and feelings after being subjected to signficant childhood trauma. I am no longer a victim or a  survivor but am thriving. I will use my mindfulness practice and our talks will stay in my heart.

Marg W
Liz's work is very heart connected and integrated on all levels. Her warmth and ease supports and honours ones own wisdom. I have found sessions with her resolve whatever issues arise and the benefits continue to expand into my everday life.

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K Flow Kinesiology and Counselling Services