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Successfully treating pain and injury using various therapies and a combination of techniques, depending on the conditions that are presented by the patient.

Kiama Massage

John is an accredited practitoner in Advanced Panabaa Release, SLM (Steve Lockhart Myotherapy), Traditional Chinese Acupressure / Massage as well as deep tissue and remedial therapy. John is also an accredited Scenar practitioner. Using a combination of these and other modalities, John is able to successfully provide relief from pain and injury. Following is a brief summary of how these modalities are used in John's practice;

Panabaa Release

Panabaa Release was developed in Australia by Gordon Tyack and is a new therapeutic technique for non-invasive treatment of the spine. It is a system of techniques and positions that focuses on correcting musculoskeletal problems, allowing the body’s posture to be placed in its neutral position. Panabaa Release works by releasing the restrictions in the muscles and tissues surrounding the joints, but in particular along the spinal column. It picks up the restrictions between vertebrae that are incorrectly aligned and allows the whole of the spine to be treated.

Panabaa Release is very effective in treating a very large range of problems. It has helped many sufferers of migraines, carpal tunnel, backache, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, etc and positive changes can occur in cases of Lordosis, Kyphosis and Scoliosis. It is also excellent for the elderly with arthritic joints, osteoporosis, etc.

SLM (Steve Lockhart Myotherapy)

SLM is the manipulation of soft tissue using a unique combination of acupressure and massage techniques. This combination puts length and function back into the muscles and balances the body, allowing it to function normally.

SLM is based on the theory that for every tension point or blockage in the body there is a balancing tension point or blockage elsewhere which also needs to be released. This technique is designed to put the body into a balanced state where all movement is in harmony with the rest of the body.

Scenar Therapy

SCENAR was initially developed by doctors and scientists within the Russian space program in the late 1970s to cope with the unique problems of space travel.

The Scenar is a hand-held therapeutic medical device used to treat pain and physiological dysfunction. Scenar Therapy is different from other therapeutic stimulation because the scenar device interacts with the body through the skin. The scenar device precisely and simultaneously locates, measures and treats problem areas to help relieve pain and restore normal function.

Traditional Chinese Massage

Traditional Chinese Massage is the manual aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It works with a combination of acupoint stimulation, soft tissue manipulation, joint alignment and energy regulation to restore balance and harmony of the body (yin and yang). Traditional Chinese Massage promotes relaxation which in turn eases spasms, increases flexibility and straightens the joints.
Since pain is considered a lack of free flow of Qi (energy), Chinese Massage treatment creates movement and is therefore seen as a powerful treatment for pain relief.

Deep Tissue Therapy

Deep Tissue Therapy is a technique that realigns the body segments and releases chronic tension and muscular stress using connective tissue manipulation of the neck, back, chest and legs.

The process of the massage restructures the muscular system by actually moving the deep tissue to re-position muscles, tendons and ligaments which may have become bunched and shortened. It is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness and sore shoulders. The deep tissue massage movements are slower and the pressure deeper and is concentrated on the areas of tension and pain.

Qualification details

Diploma in Traditional Chinese Massage
Certificate IV in Body Therapies
Certificate of Competency in SLM (Steve Lockhart Myotherapy)
Advanced Remedial Massage - Panabaa Release
Level 1 Scenar Therapy

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