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Kaylene Rollin

Kaylene Rollin Kinesiology and Massage

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Kaylene Rollin Kinesiology and Massage

Focus areas

First aid training Restoration Gong Pregnancy support Postnatal support Sciatica


Kaylene Rollin

Kaylene has Nationally recognised qualifications in Kinesiology and Remedial Massage and is registered with the Australian Traditional Medical Society. She has been in private practice since 2006.

The focus of our business is to help people of all ages enhance their health and well-being by assisting them through Kinesiology and Remedial Massage.

We aim to create a caring and comfortable environment in which clients will feel heard, understood and empowered to live a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life.


  • Bachelor of Education in Physical and Health Education, University of Wollongong

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage, NSW School of Therapeutic Massage

  • Diploma of Kinesiology, College of Natural Healing

  • Certificate IV in Kinesiology, College of Natural Healing

  • Certificate IV in Small Business Management, TAFE OTEN

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, TAFE Western

  • Touch for Health, College of Natural Healing

  • First Aid, Royal Life Saving Society

  • Continuing Professional Education in:

    • Kinesiology Fertility, College of Natural Healing

    • Meridian Massage Skills, College of Natural Healing

    • Rhythm Movement Training for School Readiness, Rhythmic Movement Training International

    • Goal Setting, College of Natural Healing

    • Movement, the Brain and Learning, Brendan O’Hara

    • Shoulder and Thoracic Region Massage, ATMS Seminar

    • Lower back and Pelvic Pain, ATMS Seminar

    • Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome, John Bragg

    • Myofascial Release/Deep tissue Training Level I and Level II, Advanced Bodywork Trainings

    • Myofascial Release Jaw/Neck, Core Body Therapy

    • Pregnancy, Labour and Post Natal Massage Therapy, Nature Care College

    • Advanced Remedial Massage Module I and Module II, Peridor Health School

    • Infant Massage, Infant Massage Australia Inc.


The aim of Kinesiology is to restore the body’s natural state of balance.

Our body is constantly adapting to the numerous changes it has to deal with both internally and externally.

Kinesiology aims to alleviate energetic imbalances in order to enhance the body’s state of dynamic equilibrium, because in its natural state of balance, the body is best equipped to maintain and repair itself.

The aim of restoring energetic balance is to help create optimal conditions for the body’s innate healing capacity. This helps to bring relief from a wide range of physical, psychological & physiological conditions, allowing us to function more effectively and enjoy improved health and well-being.

Massage is the manipulation of soft tissues through a range of manual techniques affecting muscle tissue, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue. The aim of massage is to:

Assist in reducing tension, pain and discomfort in the musculoskeletal system

Enhance restoration and recovery of the body’s soft tissue following injury or illness

Promote efficient joint mobility and soft tissue function

Address structural and postural imbalances

Enhance circulation to decrease muscle tension, increase suppleness of the soft tissue and promote healthy tissue



  • Adult session $125 (up to 1 & ½ hours)

  • Child session $90 (up to 1 hour)
    Up to 18 years of age


  • 1 hour $90

  • ½ hour $60

  • 1 & ½ hours $125

Dr Bach Remedies

  • 25ml blend $10

  • 50ml blend $20

For more pricing details please view our Fee Schedule & Clinic Policies document.

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