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Kinetic Entropy

Servicing area: Marsfield, New South Wales

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Kinetic Entropy


Kinesiology is the practice of muscle testing, stemming from Chiropractic techniques and the principals of Chinese medicine.

Using Kinesiology, muscles become monitors indicating stress and imbalance. By muscle monitoring, kinesiology is a versatile tool for identifying and correcting various imbalances in your body and therefore, in your life.

Kinesiology uses attention to acupressure points, the meridians, color and sound therapy, flower essences, guided imagery and/ or muscle stimulation.


Kinesiology opens the mind and the spirit to get to the root cause of issues.

Kinesiology alleviates stress, pain and anxieties and can improve memory and learning capacity.

It can permanently uproot habitual patterns and can detect allergies and nutritional deficiencies.


Absolutely anyone can benefit from a Kinesiology session. A Kinesiology session can highlight any areas your body feels it is imbalanced, in a non invasive and non threatening way.

You may be given essences, exercises or nutritional adjustments to assist your journey to optimum health and balance. A Kinesiology session will take 1 hours.

About Elizabeth

  • Diploma Health Sciences Holistic
  • Diploma Clinical Nutrition
  • ATMS & AKA Member
  • Major Health Fund rebates

Elizabeth studied at the Kinesiology College of Energetic Sciences in Melbourne, graduating in 1996. She has been actively healing many people over the past 12 years.

Her experience is complimented by running Touch for Health courses and lecturing in Kinesiology, Energetic Sciences and Meditation.

Elizabeth is contentedly married and is a proud mother of two young girls.

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