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Brett Montgomery

Kingscliff Acupuncture & Massage

29 Viking St Kingscliff NSW 2487

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Brett is a Qualified Acupuncturist with thirty years experience and a long history in competitive sports.The clinic provides for treatment on a one on one basis only, preferring that each client will receive complete and undivided attention to their needs.

Kingscliff Acupuncture & Massage

Servicing area

Kingscliff, New South Wales

Focus areas

Nervous system Lower back pain Sprains Lifestyle Full body massage Muscle sprain


Acupuncture is a unique part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) originating in China over 5000 years ago, it is a form of natural healing whereby specific acupuncture points are stimulated or sedated using very fine needles to restore and maintain health and vitality. Illness, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is seen as patterns of disharmony whilst true health is the harmonious balance between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the whole body and the environment within which a person lives.

In maintaining good health, it is essential for both the body’s energy and blood to circulate in a free and continuous manner. The Chinese call this energy Chi and have described pathways through which it flows, known as Meridians. The meridians circulate chi through the organs and tissues of the body.

There are over 500 acupuncture points located along these meridians which are used to moderate or adjust the flow of chi and fluids circulating the body and thereby directing the chi to perform those specific and necessary functions as normally should occur .

Sometimes these points can be stimulated by other means including Moxabustion, a Chinese herb which, when lit, stimulates the movement of chi using heat, not dissimilar to the manner in which ultrasound stimulation creates heat by increasing electron speed. Heel spurs are another painful affliction that has been successfully treated using a different form of moxabustion with excellent results.

We also use Laser technology , not only to stimulate acupoints but as an adjunct in reducing pain, swelling and inflamation, particularly in the joints and muscles, associated with sports injuries, neck and back pain.

Acupuncture can be used to treat a wide range of conditions and is a benefit to every system in the body.


Acupuncture is a drug-free alternative to pain control. As a drugless alternative, Acupuncture can put your whole system back on track, correcting your body’s energy imbalances and restore normal functioning.

Back Pain

Lower back pain can arise from many different causes such as:- Physical trauma involving damage to ligaments, tendons and muscle sprains, caused by accidents, incorrect lifting, bending or overwork.

Compressed or prolapsed disc and/or vertebral joint problems, brought on by heavy work, lifting, twisting or bending.

Structural changes brought on by a genetic process where the discs may degenerate with age and associated arthritic conditions are also not uncommon.

Emotional pressures inducing muscle spasm from anxiety or stress associated with modern day lifestyles.

Causative problems initiating from the back can sometimes affect the nerve pathways that enervate the legs, giving symptoms of pain in the buttock area (sciatica), it may also extend through to the front of the body into the groin, giving a sensation of weakness, pain and instability in this region, particularly when stepping down.

At this clinic we have a high degree of success in treating lower back pain.

Massage, electronic stimulation and suction cups are also used to enhance and provide highly responsive treatments in dealing with the many variations of disharmony that can cause pain.

Neurological System

Headaches, migraines, sleeping problems, nervous tension, are all conditions that respond to treatment with Acupuncture.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This technique is designed to decongest and enhance the flow of the body’s lymphatic fluid throughout the body to maximize it’s scavenger like function in providing a return system for proteins, toxins and the like to an area where they can be neutralized and removed from the body.

Due to its cleansing nature, the lymphatic system also plays an integral role in the immunity of the body and can therefore be used in conjunction with many health programs. It works wonderfully on the nervous system, stimulates immune function in providing a consistent free flowing volume of lymph fluid. People often feel the results for as long as a week.

The lymphatic system returns protein to the blood and also removes fluid and metabolic waste. This type of massage will work on the nervous system by sedating the sensory and pain receptors found close to the skins surface. Also the immune system is strengthened and it helps support the immune reactivity by flushing toxins through body tissue to nodal sites where they can be neutralized and it is the primary vehicle to remove fluid from the connective tissue and transport it back to blood circulation where it can be recycled or flushed out of the body.

Swedish Massage

Depending on your requirements, this method uses stroking kneading and percussion techniques to reduce muscle tension, increase circulation and provide relaxation. This is the classic massage style and uses variations of pressure and technique to suit individual needs.

Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Sports Massage

These techniques usually involve a higher degree of pressure and use parts of the body such as fingers, thumbs or elbows to achieve deeper penetration into the tissues of the body to release tension and restore smooth muscle function around targeted areas, such as back / neck/ shoulders / arms and legs.

Sport Injuries

Having competed as a professional sportsman I have a special interest in this area and have worked for many years now with both amateur and professional sportspeople in a range sports including football, running, surfing, boxing/kickboxing/mixed martial arts, swimming, diving, gymnastics and power-lifting, covering a range of injuries such as:- Sprain, strain, ligament, tendon and muscle injury affecting the foot, ankle, knee, hip, back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand .

Side Effects

Acupuncture can achieve a wide range of different results in each and every individual. In some cases those results may take between eight and twenty four hours to reach full affect.

Some people may rise from the table with total restoration of function, whilst others could feel any variation of relief, including none at all in the immediate instance, however over the following few hours changes could begin to take place. Sometimes there may be a situation where the problem may intensify for a short period of time before then subsiding and feeling better.

There is always some risk with any treatment. Slight discoloration or bruise may occur. Some people react to the different points, experiencing a heightened sensitivity in certain areas, this may cause some initial discomfort but usually settles quickly.

Because Acupuncture affects the blood and energy of the body many clients have become so relaxed that when they rise they feel like they have just had a good nights sleep. Please rise slowly and allow blood pressure to normalize, particularly to the head, before standing.


In general, any condition that has existed for a long period of time may take longer to treat than a more acute condition and I believe that most clients should achieve a noticeable result within five treatments.

Costs Involved

Acupuncture - $90.00
(rebate available from most Health Funds)

Full Body Massage - $110.00
(approx. 80 mins)

Back Massage - $90.00
(approx. 40 mins - including neck, shoulders, scalp)


My commitment is to provide quality care and advice.

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