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Kirsty Reynolds Counselling Hypnotherapy

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Adelaide & Adelaide Hills

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Death Fear Grief Values Face to face Purpose


My purpose is to assist and guide you to recognise the life you deserve and enable you to make the changes required in order to create and enter the life you desire.

My passion as a therapist and trainer is to walk with you in your greatest darkness and through your biggest fears. Life and death can be different depending upon your perception and your awareness. Let's design your world through the integration and power of your mind and body.


I have lived experience as well as extensive professional experience and training in many of the areas in which I specialise.

Professional skills, training and knowledge enable me to guide you at your pace towards the changes you deserve and it is is the trust and understanding we share that the change and healing takes place.


If you are ready and really wanting the changes then I can work with your conscious and unconscious mind to enable this to happen at the level of your core beliefs and values, on a deep, personal, congruent and lasting level.

Life change work, can normally be successfully completed in a couple of sessions if you are really committed to making that change and the change is supported by all aspects of your being.


I offer two quite distinct approaches in my therapeutic work depending upon you.

Some people are looking for more for direction and others are looking more for support.

If you are seeing me for more supportive counselling hypnotherapy rather than directive change then our work tends to be over a longer period of time.

** It is crucially important that end of life work be undertaken at YOUR pace. It is not something to be rushed but it is something that can be supported and guided.


Nothing ever stays the same. What ever situation you are currently in- it will not always be like this. Lets work together to create the next step and the NOW that you desire for yourself.

It is my pleasure and privilege to enter this journey with you, to allow yourself to create your own version of you and your reality.


Appointments are available by face to face consultation in my rooms in Hove, South Australia or by home visit in Adelaide for a minimal transport fee.


I consult in hospice, hospital and palliative care settings as required.

Sessions are available via skype for regional, interstate and international clients.


I recommend three sessions for BREAK THROUGH and PERSONAL LIFE CHANGE. Sessions are $145.00 for a 60 to 90 minute consultation.

Longer term BEREAVEMENT, COMPLICATED GRIEF, GRIEF & LOSS, TRAUMA, END OF LIFE and supportive counselling fees are determined by your individual circumstances and personal needs.

I recognise that the end of life journey is different for each person and each set of circumstances. We will discuss this in an initial phone consultation.

I provide group discounts for family and friends all seeking supportive counselling for a situation in common. For example a family bereavement.

Business and agency consultations for clients and training's are discussed on a case by case basis.

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