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Sydney Psychotherapy

Sydney Psychotherapy

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Welcome to Sydney Psychotherapy; accredited, qualified and experienced specialists, helping you make the changes you want, now. At Psychotherapy Sydney we have unrivalled success working with all types of individuals on a variety of objectives; whether it is helping you achieve goals that have previously seemed out of your reach, or working on a specific condition that has been troubling you, we can help. Contact us now on (02) 9907 0534 or visit Sydney Psychotherapy to find out more.

Sydney Psychotherapy - Your Place For Therapy & Counselling

Servicing area

Sydney Northern Beaches and the North Shore, New South Wales

Focus areas

Bipolar disorder Phobias Addiction Grief Anger Anxiety

Therapy Sydney – A Helping Hand

Are you struggling with a problem that you just can’t shake? Are you trying to achieve a goal that has seemed out of reach? Are you dealing with a condition that has been troubling you?

Therapy is no longer a response to “something is wrong”. We know that life can be challenging at times and a helping hand can often be a welcome support. In today’s world people lead complicated and muti-dimensional lives so we are experienced in providing therapy for a range of common issues.

Therapy Tailored to You Personally

  • Whether you have concerns about how you are performing in an aspect of your life

  • Whether you are dealing with anger or addictions

  • Whether you suffer from ADHD or bipolar disorders

  • Whether you are depressed or have a general feeling of emptiness

  • Whether you are dealing with grief, loss, or abandonment

  • Whether you are suffering from family problems

  • Whether you have to deal with anxiety, phobias and/or fears

Whatever you are dealing with, you should be comforted to note that it does not matter what your goals are or what changes you are trying to make. No matter what you have tried or done in the past, we can still make a significant difference in just a few sessions.

Best Practice Therapies for Results

At Sydney Psychotherapy we are accredited, qualified and licensed to utilise the best scientifically proven therapies, which are focused on delivering results, fast. That’s why we have so much success working with all types of individuals on a variety of their objectives.

Each person is unique and that’s why we tailor each session to your individual needs; ensuring that you get the best possible results as quickly as possible. We have found that the key is to use a combination of techniques that are personalised. Because of this holistic approach, you can achieve significant outcomes in just a few sessions.

Call Now To Experience The Best Therapies On Offer

“Sydney Psychotherapy took the time to understand me and really listened. David helped me “frame” my problems and then worked with me in developing a personalized treatment plan. Talking to Sydney Psychotherapy and meeting David was the best thing I’ve ever done” H. Nathan.

“I was on a pathway to self-destruction and David helped me navigate my way through a difficult time. Sydney Psychotherapy saved my relationship and probably saved me too!” C Kellar.

“The hypnotherapy I experienced with Sydney Psychotherapy was unlike any other hypnotherapy I’ve had. It was incredibly relaxing and I felt comfortable and relaxed the whole way through. I felt strong and able to achieve what I needed to do after the sessions. Although it was a subtle effect, I felt that something deep inside me had changed. I can personally recommend David highly”. Sam M

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