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   Our Services    Find the right type of service for you.    Here at Knead, we make sure that our first priority is you. Find out what we can offer you to make sure that your body is getting all the love it deserves!

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Remedial Massage

Get Qualified help with your neck, shoulder, arm & back pain. We can relieve tension, aches, pain & knots along with headaches, migraines
sports preparation and recovery, rsi issues, sciatica, and many other pain issues. 
For more information on remedial massage click HERE.
Are you suffering from chronic conditions that get a bit better after general massage but then return? Do you need in depth help to really get to the core of the issue? A myotherapy appointment with us involves a detailed interview and assessment of soft tissue structures (muscles, tendons and ligaments), joint mobility and function, nerve pathways, physical  capacity and biomechanics. Most of our clients choose myotherapy to aid in injury recovery, return to sport, RSI, tendinopathies, chronic pain states, office related neck, shoulder and arm pain, as well as disc and knee pain.
We have a number of myotherapy options available for you HERE. If you need help deciding which is the best option for you, call us at 07 3003 801
Lymphatic Massage & Decongestive Drainage 
Lymphatic Massage is perfect for you if you have had a period of illness, are feeling fatigued or stressed, want to boost your overall health or as part of a  detox program. It is also beneficial during pregnancy especially in the later stages generally, when oedema may be present.
Decongestive Massage are a specific treatment for people suffering from Lymphoedema or Lipedema. Decongestive treatments differ from Lymphatic Massage as there will be a specific area that will be the focus, and treatments may involve the use of a lymphatic pump, compression bandaging, and/or compression stockings.
For more information on Lymphatic Drainage and Oncology click HERE
Pregnancy Massage
Massage during pregnancy is designed to address the particular problems that arise for expectant mums throughout their pregnancy. Techniques are drawn from relaxation and remedial and modified to suit the physiological changes that occur to the body during pregnancy.
For more information on Pregnancy Massage click HERE


2 Services

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage
$95 Per hour

Effective relief for neck, back, shoulder pain, tension, aches pains and knots. Qualified therapists covering all health funds


$115 Per hour

yotherapy uses the latest CLINICALLY PROVEN techniques to assess and treat the cause of pain – rather than endlessly treating the symptoms. Get relief from your sciatica, rsi, plantar fasciitis, migraine, back, neck and shoulder pain and many other injuri

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  • Bachelor of Health Science In Musculoskeletal Therapy

Professional Membership

  • Massage & Myotherapy Australia

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