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Kerrie De Palma

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Nutrition, Health & Wellness Coach, Mentor and Healer - Kerrie is a Qualified Reiki, Pranic & Crystal Shamanism Practitioner and Scientific Hand Analyst.

Nourish Nurture Naturally

Servicing area

Shepparton and the Goulburn Valley

Focus areas

Reiki healing Crystal reiki Sound & crystal healing Hand analysis reading Life purpose Soul purpose

Kerrie provides Natural Therapy Treatments, Healing and Coaching to treat all aspects of Self...

In this Aquarian Age we're faced with a fast paced life, we need to look after ourselves as well as a bit of down time - who's looking after you? The answer for a lot of people is no-one, to help others we have to fill our own cup first.

Through years of study as the 'Eternal Student' a reference I've grown fond of, I've learnt one doesn't work without the other.  How important optomised Health and Wellness is, and to be at our very best we need balance in all aspects of our life!  Home, work and play - socially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, financially and environmentally. 

My Holistic practice encompasses a holistic approach to treatment and healing.  Using a unique combination of natural and metaphysical tools to assist each individual in restoring health and well being, promoting your own bodies natural healing processes.  I'm a strong believer and advocate for preventative health, looking after your health and wellbeing now before disease and chronic illness sets in.

Benefits of Holistic Healing Practices:

* Happiness
* Less Stress
* Reduce aches and pains
* Less headaches
* Better Relationships
* Make better decisions
* Eat well
* Sleep well
* Increased Energy
* Time for Self
* Restore harmony & balance
* Self awareness
* Self acceptance
* Deep relaxation
* Clarity of thoughts
* More patience
* Promote Self Healing

and the list goes on . . .

I love to provide a safe space, teaching and sharing my knowledge. My Holistic practices provide you with alternative healing options that are natural, gentle and safe for people of any age or gender.

My journey in holistic healing and wellness began nearly 10 years ago when I was questioning so much, I had that knock on the door that opened a whole new world.  I became a seeker, a seeker of knowledge, truth and understanding of this universal world, that for so long I saw purely as a material one.

In studying becoming a Hand Analyst I learnt even more about myself, around my purpose and gained a greater understanding why I felt so ambitious, creative, empathic, driven and such a strong need to help others through their own transformations.  I also learnt so much about my own life lessons, the student path and working through them.  You don't have to be local to receive a hand analyst reading, they're done via an online session, and trust me they are very insightful!

So why the holistic path, because I love it and I'm truly grateful for the people I've met and the experiences that have gotten me where I am today.

Thought of trying the Holistic Natural approach, give me a call and we can work out a path or healing treatment that best suits you!

* After Hours Appointments Available and Saturday mornings.



2 Services

Reiki, Pranic & Crystal Healing Session

Crystal Therapy Reiki Pranic Healing
$75 Per hour

Reiki, Pranic & Crystal Healing Treatments - for deep relaxation, reduce stress, aches & pains, anxiety & fatigue. Enhances cell regeneration, boosts mood & sleep, restoring harmony & balance, promoting self healing and quality of life

Hand Analysis Reading - Your Souls Blueprint for this Lifetime

1hr 30min
$297 Per session

Mapped in your hands - you'll discover your Life Purpose, Life School, Life Lessons, any Gift Markings you may have. Once your hand prints done you'll receive a 1hr reading & report followed by a 30min f/up session once you've had time to integrate it all


  • Reiki 1 & 2
  • Crystal Awakening And Shamanism Practitioner
  • Clinical Nutrition Consultant
  • Kri Kundalini Yoga And Meditation
  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki
  • Diploma Of Holistic Interior Design

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