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There is an enormous amount of conflicting information about what you should and shouldn’t eat to lose weight.

Weight Management

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Well, come to an expert to get the best information and guidance to help you achieve correct and lasting weight loss. Getting the balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat in your diet right for you is important to your success in losing weight. Sue accurately monitors your progress by using the Bioimpedence Analysis which accurately measures your fat mass and muscle mass which is vital in weight loss.

There is no argument - if you are overweight it is essential that you reduce your weight to improve you general health, vitality and especially longevity. The consequences of carrying too much weight involve the whole body and will negatively affect:
  • Back and joints – excessive weight load being carried chronically straining joints
  • Glucose and insulin metabolism leading to insulin resistance and type II diabetes
  • Inflammation. Excess insulin is directly involved with increased inflammation
  • Cholesterol leading to increase cardiovascular disease
  • Energy and vitality
  • Sense of wellbeing and self confidence
  • Blood pressure
Successful weight loss is not as hard as many people think. You just need to have the right advice and a great program that works, both of which are available here at Ku-ring-gai Naturopathic Clinic with Naturopath Sue Hanly.

Eating correctly is obviously important but exercise is crucial to successful weight management. It improves your energy consumption and also your sensitivity to your own insulin. Exercising properly will build your muscle mass which is vital as this is where fat is burnt. The better your muscle mass the better your fat burning potential.

It is important for everyone, not just people wanting to lose weight, to maintain a slow and steady release of energy from your food. Anything that releases energy quickly e.g. sugars, refined carbohydrates will cause a rapid elevation in your blood sugar. Your body will then release insulin to bring the blood sugar back down and this surge of insulin will affect fat metabolism. If this is happening repeatedly then the net affect will be weight gain, particularly fat gain. It is all about the right foods in the right balance to get the right result.

Come and talk to Sue about starting on the road to successful weight loss, better energy and vitality and improved self confidence – What are you waiting for?

Make an appointment today to start on your way to better health!

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