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Kylie Ansett

Castle Hill NSW 2154

Servicing area: Hills District, New South Wales

Kylie Ansett
Are you looking for the best massage money can buy? Look no further...

Kylie Ansett Massage

0414 765 574

Hi I'm Kylie…

If you have a problem, an imbalance or an injury... From RSI to carpel tunnel, from a frozen shoulder to a bung knee or a bad back: I am your girl. I use a unique combination of techniques that will give you immediate and lasting results. Whether your issue is acute (just started) or chronic (been around for years), whether you have a single issue or many problems, I can help you.

If you want to 'de-stress' you have come to the right place. You may not have anything wrong physically, but you feel wound up or anxious. You will find that an individualized, energy-calming treatment becomes an invaluable part of your health management regimen. You will leave feeling 10 times better and ready to face your work, your life and the world.

I have been massaging for over 20 years and I have clients that have been seeing me for that length of time. After people have seen me they find it hard to go to anyone else. I have clients who travel hours to see me, who pass dozens of other clinics on their way to me. I usually end up treating their whole family.

PLEASE NOTE: I charge accordingly. You will find my prices are quite bit higher than most other therapists. This is because you will get a superior treatment from me. If you are serious about your health, and are willing to invest in it, then contact me on:
0414 765 574

I have clients from all walks of life. From office workers to physical labourers, from saddle-sore truck drivers to stressed-out executives. From the elderly to those recovering after surgery, from elite sports people who want to improve their performance, to mothers with a busy lifestyles who need some T.L.C.

Each treatment is uniquely tailored to your needs. I 'listen' to your body. I work with your body to create a state of healing.

If you want a truly transformational treatment please contact me on 0414 765 574 for a fast response.

No time wasters.

Praise for Kylie’s treatments:

You are the best! I have tried others but I never get the results I get with you. - J Andrews

After a massage with Kylie I feel so much better, just great. She really knows her stuff! I have been going to Kylie for over 15 years and I will not go to anyone else! - D Dent

I had been seeing a physio weekly for 4 months after a training accident with very little result. After ONE SESSION with Kylie my shoulder improved more than it had in months. She is 10 x better than the physio my doctor sent me to! - L Tzo

Kylie's massage was amazing. I had a lot of tension in my neck, back and jaw. She is the best! She communicated everything and did a fantastic job! I will be recommending her to all my friends because of her obvious experience. - V Mack

Why didn't I know about Kylie years ago? She does a wonderful, relaxing massage - I float out of the clinic, all my aches and pains gone! She has an amazing gift of knowing exactly what's wrong, and uses just the right pressure to undo my knots and relieve all my tension. I am so thankful she was recommended to me. - J Purdy

Kylie is our practitioner of choice for the whole family - my husband and I have been seeing her regularly for over 10 years , my daughter and son in law have seen her as well. I have recommended many friends come and see her. A treatment with Kylie is the perfect gift too! - F Dell

Kylie is my go-to therapist. I have found her treatments better than most physios or chiros. - S Voorwinden

I can't recommend Kylie highly enough. Her treatments are the highlight of my week . - R Curtis

Regular massage is part of my health management regime. Because I come regularly I keep on top of any niggling aches and pains and have avoided many of the problems of age I see my friends go through. Massage is the perfect way to maintain a fit and healthy body. - P Nean

I love Kylie’s treatments - they are so effective. I usually see results immediately I always feel so much better. - L Sharpe

My work is very physically demanding, since I started getting monthly treatments I have not had the back pain like I used to. - C Moyer

So much more than just a massage. I usually leave feeling like I have a whole new perspective on things. I don’t know how she does it but she is the best! - F Green

I have been to many other therapists but none are as good as Kylie. What she does in one session is what most otters take 4 sessions to do. She knows exactly what to do and how to help. I always leave feeling so much better. - N Ararat

I have had a problem with my shoulder for 8 months, I had been to doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors. It wasn’t until I saw Kylie that the issue resolved. After just one session it was better than it had been since the problem began. After 3 sessions I was pain free. 9 months later the issue had never returned. - N Young

She has the magic touch! - R Thursdy

Part of my monthly self-care routine. The best part! - L Freeman

Very good treatments. I highly recommend Kylie. - B Fenst

This was the best part of my recovery. I always leave feeling like a million dollars. Calm and relaxed. I wish I could have one every day! - S Mcfarland

My husband has been seeing Kylie for some time, so when I hurt my arm he told me I should see her. I am so glad I did. Her treatment gave me immediate relief, when the physio treatments never did. - T Neal

Every time I see Kylie I realise I need to do this to keep on top of my crazy life. I work very long hours and have a demanding stressful job. Without my massages I would not cope so well. - A Arcana

Kylie is our family masseur. She has seen us all over the years, and we all love her. She is friendly and very good at what she does. - G Blunt

There is no one like Kylie, she is the best (and I have tried lots). Her massages are one of a kind. I don’t know how she does it but she always knows how to make you feel better. - D Bouton

I have a disability which means that I deal with pain almost every day. Without Kylie's treatments I would be in a wheelchair by now. I can’t recommend her highly enough. - R Candel

My daughter told me about Kylie a few months ago and I am so glad she did. She has helped my fibromyalgia so much. - C Rosario

It is so nice to treat yourself to a relaxing massage. My first one was a birthday gift from my girlfriend, but now I get one every month so that I keep on top of stress. - P Green

It is our monthly ritual. The whole family come and get our treatments. The kids love it, but my husband and I need it. - A Shawarbi

The best. No other word for it. - P Costa

I have seen Kylie for over 10 years. She is remarkable. She has helped my though a hip operation, as well as weight loss and arthritis problems. After a treatment with Kylie I always feel amazing. All the pain gone. - T Pandel

I used to have headaches every month before seeing kylie for regular massage. Now I never get them. - D Alice

Kylie helped my though a difficult time after a car accident. Her treatment were so good I know I wouldn’t have recovered so quickly if I hadn’t had them. - R Cavaleri

My husband and I see Kylie every 2 weeks and my 80 year old mother every month. She keeps the whole family happy and healthy. - S Karassik

It is my monthly treat, I work hard, so I deserve it! Her massages are relaxing and energising. Kylie is really good at her work and I would never see anyone else. - D Botello


YES! I am registered with ALL health insurance companies and you will be eligible for a rebate.

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Diploma Remedial Massage, Diploma Iridology, Diploma Herbal Medicine, Diploma Posture & Flexibility, Certificate Calm Abiding Meditation.
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