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Homeopathy originated in Germany in the 1800s and has been used as a popular and widely accepted form of medicine in India, South America, Australia and New Zealand.


The British Royal Family employ their own homeopathic doctor and several homeopathic hospitals operate throughout the world.
According to the Word Health Organisation, homeopathy is the second most practiced form of medicine in the world, second only to biomedicine.
In the past, there have been hospitals in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney that only treat with homeopathy.

Like cures like
Homeopathic treatment support the body’s ability to heal and enhances each person’s constitutional ability to reduce their susceptibility to disease. Homeopathy is based on the principle of ‘like cures like’.
Some people experience dreadful hay fever. When the hay fever is at its worst, the nose constantly runs, the person sneezes incessantly and the eyes water constantly. If the runny nose is slightly salty and there is no marked swelling or the eyes or nose, the person may be prescribed Nat mur (the homeopathic of sea salt). If there is considerable burning and swelling, the patient may be prescribed Allium cepa (the homeopathic of onion).

What can Homeopathy treat?/cite>
Homeopathy can treat a wide variety of health problems from the onset of a cold or flu to hay fever, tinnitus, skin problems, headaches, reflux, digestive cramps and IBS. Homeopathy can be practiced alone as classical homeopathy or as a modality of Clinical Naturopathy.

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