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Lakeside Laser

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Introducing Cold Laser Therapy at Lakeside Laser Joondalup

Lakeside Laser

About Us

Cold Laser Therapy, also referred to as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), soft-laser or low-power laser, a safe and non-invasive therapy specifically designed to help the body in its healing process. The laser is applied directly to the problem area and light is emitted from the device. You will feel the device, but it does not emit any heat, vibration or sound, hence COLD laser.

The cold laser provides light energy units via infrared laser radiation to impaired cells, this energy is known as photons. These are taken in by the cells and help to stimulate the mitochondria to enhance the production of ATP (the particle that your body utilises for energy). It takes several treatments depending on the duration and the severity of the condition.

About Linda Schiller,  MtechChiro, CCSP, D.C.

Linda Schiller has more than 20 years healing work experience and has been practicing in primary healthcare in the UK and South Africa since 1998, you can now access her healing care in Joondalup, northern suburbs in Perth to get you back to wellbeing.

Linda Schiller’s passion is in getting the human body to work 100%, heal faster and get you feeling better. She believes in the scientific approach and considers all aspects of the neuro-musculo-Skeletal systems together with lifestyle choices, nutrition and emotions.

Dr. Kaitlyn Lau

I was first introduced to the world of Chiropractic in my teenage years, when I was given the opportunity to observe my cousin who is a chiropractor. During my brief time in observation, I witnessed the wonder of chiropractic and it was truly a miracle to me, seeing how it can change a person’s life. An old lady came in limping with chronic pain, after the treatment, she walked out perfectly fine with a big smile on her face. She held onto my hand to say thank you to me, even though I was just standing there doing nothing. It filled with me with such joy and fulfilment that in that instance, I made up my mind to become a chiropractor, no matter what it took.

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