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Education is a key basis of podiatric medicine and our podiatrists will, in the course of offering therapeutic services, communicate how you can also be an effective partner in good foot health. 

Langmore Podiatry - Podiatry

What does a Podiatrist do?

Podiatry is a branch of medicine that is devoted to the diagnosis, study and the effective treatment of issues and disorders of the foot, ankle and of the lower leg. Podiatrists are tertiary educated and fully trained health professionals who specialise in diagnosis, preventing and treating lower leg and foot issues.

The diverse range of pathologies podiatrists treat is quite large. It includes joints, bones, skin, soft tissue, nails and neurological disorders of the lower limbs. In all of the cases, our podiatrists conduct thorough consultations including physical examination, clinical history, diagnosis and composing of a treatment plan. Langmore Podiatry is concentrated on the individual and takes an evidence based view of podiatric medicine. Thus, the therapy that is provided will be the result of a number of different factors and includes specifics for the clients individual needs.

Here at Langmore Podiatry we provide treatments that other foot care clinics do not. We feel that it is necessary to provide all the best techniques and technologies available, this will allow us to customise the most effective and appropriate treatment to each client. Nail bracing, Shockwave, dry needling, Kerflex, prolotherapy, mobilisation and PACT therapy are just a few of the examples of the range of treatment options that we provide.

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