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Member since
Mar 2013

Larissa Haramis - Personalised Yoga & Meditation

Phone 03 9724 9795
Mobile 0466 522 190
Address Pelvic Strength Physiotherapy
293 Dorset Rd
Croydon VIC 3136
Stress less and move more peacefully through life using mindfulness meditation and restorative yoga.

Stress Reduction Classes

Stress is a part of life. But you can stress less.

Chronic stress is detrimental to our physical and mental health. It can negatively impact sleep, digestion, our reproductive system, immunity and more. In these grounded and practical classes we will be looking at how you can turn down your stress levels in relation to work, family, relationships, pain, illness, food and sleep.

Break the stress cycle.

With the skills and techniques you will learn in these classes you can break your habitual reactions to stress and respond to everyday challenges feeling more empowered, relaxed and at ease.

You can relax. And we’ll show you how.

You can learn to approach stress in a responsive and conscious manor. Using mindfulness meditation and restorative yoga we incorporate movement, breathing, relaxation, reflection and meditation to move you into a more relaxed way of being.

Who is this for?
  • if you feel stress has become predominant in your life
  • if stress is negatively affecting your sleep, relationships, eating habits, work and general happiness
  • those living with chronic illness
  • those wanting tools to be able to manage stress more effectively
  • if you think yoga isn’t for you

What are the benefits of Stress Reduction Classes
  • a feeling of ease in the body and mind
  • learning a different attitude or approach to what comes in your life
  • learning to listen to your body, and coming into harmony and balance with your own rhythms and needs
  • restoring your energy
  • improved relationships and integrity with food, family/friends, work, and with yourself

What can you expect?
  • intimate and safe small classes
  • most classes will have a short time using gentle restorative yoga practices, as well as time to learn about and reflect on a theme (eg: how our thoughts affect our feelings), and then finish with a relaxation or meditation
  • yoga postures will often be supported with props to allow you to deeply rest

Join our Stress Reduction Classes.

When:Stress Reduction Classes Yoga Classes with Larissa Haramis are held on Mondays 6.00–7.15pm. Classes are weekly and ongoing.
Where: Pelvic Strength Physiotherapy – 293 Dorset Road, Croydon VIC
How Much:Five Class Pass – $120
Bookings:Class sizes are limited to 8 participants so book now to reserve your place!
Phone: 0466 522 150 or 9724 9755
Email: [email protected]

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