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Larissa Haramis - Personalised Yoga & Meditation

Member since: March 2013
Address Pelvic Strength Physiotherapy
293 Dorset Rd
Croydon VIC 3136
Phone 03 9724 9795
Mobile 0466 522 190
Here’s what some of my students have said about their individual journeys.


"You know where I am at before you see me and you know what I need way more than I do. Thank you for the preparation that you do and for the sessions which are always beyond expectations.”
- John P

“I was complimented on my calm birthing strategies and breathing (during labour), so thanks heaps Larissa, it definitely helped!”
- Becky L

“I feel like when I arrive at the class, I have been shattered into a thousand piece over the course of the week, it’s just give, give, give, to everyone else, and then once the class starts piece by piece I draw myself back together and walk out whole again. Even my back and neck that have been incredibly tight for years are starting to loosen up. I’m so glad I found your class! Thank you.”
- Jenny H

“I have really enjoyed this yoga and feel that I actually relax which hasn't happened in any yoga I've done before! I've learnt some techniques to do at home which is great, thanks.”
- Kirsten W

“Thank you for all the knowledge and skills that you've shared during our pregnancy yoga classes. While I was only fortunate enough to attend your  classes for the last few weeks of my pregnancy the benefits that I found were remarkable and had a profound effect on my health and wellbeing, giving me and my daughter the greatest chance of a positive pregnancy and birthing experience. I have a long-standing history of back problems which resulted in generalised tension in my torso and legs and postural impacts during my pregnancy.  After feeling relief from the stretches and positions in my first class I eagerly awaited each class to again feel relief, particularly across my shoulders and pelvic region.  While I was aware of the immediate results, you developed my understanding of the lasting benefits to my unborn child and the changes and stages that were to come, such as the birth. I now feel more confident in my body's ability to respond to the birthing process and have practical skills which can assist in fulfilling my desire for an active role in the birth. I cannot recommend your pregnancy yoga classes more highly and hope that many other women attend for as long as possible during their pregnancy so that they too feel as physically and mentally healthy and prepared.”
- Kathryn G

“Starting yoga was a new experience having only done a few sessions previously, but I was told it would benefit my pregnancy so I contacted Larissa to begin the process. Larissa was very clear in the way the movements were described and the benefits each one would bring; which gave me a good understanding of not only how to do them, but why I needed to do them. Her approach was excellent to introduce me to the movements and postures and gradually build them up as my flexibility and experience developed. Throughout my pregnancy, I really noticed the different in my ability to move my pelvis and strengthen my back and posture as the baby grew. The breathing exercises have prepared me for the labour and given me a calmness that I previously didn’t have. Each session was accompanied with a well thought out plan making the experience flow smoothly and leaving me completely relaxed and fulfilled. Larissa’s knowledge of yoga goes far beyond other teachers I have met and would recommend her classes to both novice and experienced yoga participants.”
– Dawn A

“I have been having one on one yoga sessions for several months now with Larissa and have found it to be a key part of the spiritual awakening process i’m going through. Her work encompasses not only yoga – stretching and movements but also meditation, relaxation and spirituality as a whole.
As I have cerebral palsy Larissa is able to effortlessly work around my disability and find stretches, movements and poses that work for me. She is also very in tune with her clients and able to change and work around the program on the fly as circumstances demand. Each new lesson is taught both thoughtfully and simply – in a way that is easily understood and translated into daily life. She has a gentle and caring personality that puts you at ease immediately – which helps to relax and ground you, allowing you to get the best out of each session. I would definitely recommend Larissa as a yoga teacher – her lessons of mindfulness thinking and living in everything we do has changed my life. I have become more centred and conscious in both body and spirit thanks to her teachings.”
- Greg P

“I have worked with Larissa as my private yoga instructor for more than ten years now. She is a phenomenal teacher and guide, I enjoy every session and my health and wellbeing has benefited greatly from our work together.”
- Jenny L

“Our first session was really good, it gave me a lot of food for thought and some tools to work with. Today was mind-blowing. So simple, so effective and so synergistic with everything I have done as part of my journey. The personalisation that you put into your work is wonderful. Your ability to ‘connect’ is very impressive … you have my attention! I am so pleased that I made the decision to try out Yoga and look forward to the sessions ahead.”
- John P

Testimonials for Empowered Labour Couples Workshop

“The workshop was very useful, mostly for my husband, as I knew it all from yoga classes, but I think it gave him more of a purpose and direction as a new dad...we talked about some of the strategies after the workshop, and I told him what sorts of things would help me specifically in labour, mostly the reminders to breath through the contractions, helping me to count down and stay calm. The positive affirmations were fantastic, I told him which ones I would need to hear and he used them which worked for me but also made him feel useful! I think the workshop was great for him also because it explained the stages of labour, and you talked about how we would possibly react in each stage so the men weren’t shocked! The weekly classes themselves helped me the most. I got to 6cm without realising how close I was because of the breathing strategies you taught me, the midwife was shocked and hurried me off to the birth suite. Labour really didn't bother me until the final stage (1hr) because I kept doing yoga strategies. Didn't really use the positions because I was someone who needed to stay very still in one spot. But all the nurses kept asking me if I had done calm birthing and where! And I really think it helped to do it naturally as I didn't panic so I wasn't stressed and needing drugs. Can't wait to come back!”
- Becky L

“I had an amazing home birth labouring in water. My husband was present the whole time and he was the one to catch the baby and cut the cord once it stopped pulsating. No induction, he came a bit earlier by a few days, 3.3 kg and 51,5 length. Just right. No cuts no tears just bruising and grazes no interventions. I'm very grateful, and your words about stomping and slow breath and relaxed shoulders never left my mind. You are a wonderful empowering force for women, my hats off to you. I'll see probably in a few weeks as for the moment I'm trying to establish a routine for my angel but I'm aware it will take a while. I'll definitely come back to yoga. The service you provide is amazing.”
- Cristina

“After being as prepared as I think I could be, our birthing process  proved to me that I need to have faith and trust that my body knows its limits and it's ok to surrender when I've reached those limits. While I had every hope that I could use my skills to give birth without medical intervention, it unfortunately did not turn out that way. Despite needing an epidural I accepted this outcome and was able to continue to utilise my skills to ensure that I remained as in control of the process as much as possible for as long as possible. Irrespective of what my body felt, I know that mentally working with not against the pain or the medication gave me a sense of empowerment over the process. During the delivery I remained focused using the yoga breathing and feel blessed that I was able to enjoy this part with minimal discomfort. Thank you for giving my husband and I many skills to cope with the birth of our precious daughter. You empowered our relationship with strength and faith that together there's nothing we can't do and we feel this has brought us even closer together. So, thank you thank you thank you, for sharing your wisdom with us. I'll be in touch soon. Much appreciation and love”
- Kathryn G

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