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Dry needling can be utilised as a part of a treatment program that is combined with manual therapy and exercise to achieve most beneficial long term effects. &  Many people seek sports massage therapy regularly to help them perform their best and reach personal goals.

Dry Needling & Sports Massage Traralgon

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Traralgon, Latrobe Valley & Surrounds

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Nurturing Pain relief Frozen shoulder Sprains Lower back pain Headaches

Dry Needling Traralgon

Dry Needling is a healing modality that can be utilised as a part of your treatment program. It is utilised by our Remedial massage therapist or by a Myotherapist to primarily treat conditions that have a component where muscle trigger points are present.

It is a technique that is similar but also has its differences. Dry needling is purely based on trigger point as opposed to the use of traditional acupuncture points.

Dry needling has two primary methods that will relieve you of discomfort and pain. By inserting a needle into the tight band of muscle it acts to break the trigger point up and restore whole muscle length. Additionally, as the needles are inserted through the muscle and skin it also brings about a local inflammatory response that stimulates healing of painful structures.

Some of the common musculoskeletal conditions that dry needling can be effective in treating include:

    • Tennis elbow developed as a result of repetitive strain

    • Painful shoulder conditions with a limitation of movement e.g. frozen shoulder

    • Calf and Achilles tightness and pain

    • Neck pain developed as a result of poor posture and with neck muscle tightness a main contributor to pain

    • Lower back pain and tightness

    • Sciatica and Bursitis

Sports Massage Traralgon

Sports massage is treatment given with the understanding not only of physiology and anatomy but also of the particular demands placed upon the body by the client and their specific sport.

Sports massage is conducted with the principal aim of getting you back to your desired sports activity at the same or an improved level of functioning. Sports massage is able to include more aggressive manual techniques that focus on the muscles more deeply.

Sports massage will commonly use a range of different modalities such as trigger point therapy, remedial massage, deep tissue work and cross fibre techniques.

How do a regular massage and a sports massage differ?

A sports massage differs from a regular massage in both its techniques and its overall purpose. A sports massage is specifically geared towards returning you to your particular sport or activity at your optimal level.

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