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Lavarna O'Malley

Lavarna O'Malley

Riddells Creek VIC 3431

Servicing area: Macedon Ranges Victoria, Melbourne & beyond

Lavarna O'Malley

♥ When was the last time you treated your Spirit?
♥ Let go of the 'old' and step into who You really are.
♥ Awaken Your Spirit
♥ It's time..... Awaken Your Spirit

Lavarna O'Malley

About Me

I have been practising as a healer for sixteen years and unofficially my whole life. My life experiences have made me a truly compassionate healer. I work intuitively with many beautiful Light Beings, Angels, Master Healer Guides, the Pleiadians, my Guides and only 'those' who resonate with the purest and highest 'Source' frequencies, to cleanse you, release what no longer serves you and raise your vibration.

Every healing is profoundly different and when I look into your eyes afterwards it is as though the Light has been turned on, your Connection is stronger and you float out of my healing room. Allow me to Empower you on your journey. Learn how to tap into that innate wisdom that is within you, and to trust your inner Guidance.

A Little About The Services I Offer

My style of healing is profoundly gentle and nurturing, yet extremely powerful and transformative. I work with adults and children both in my studio and distantly Please see my testimonials below.

My goal is to empower you, to teach you practical 'tools' and techniques that enable you to maintain what we achieve in your session. Everyone has an amazing capacity to understand and work with 'energy' - they just need to be shown how.

  • SPIRITUAL HEALING Extremely nurturing experience as you are placed in various healing 'chambers' and many beautiful energies are channelled through your entire body and energy bodies to collectively release lower level frequencies, the energies of other people and places, inhibiting beliefs and contracts that are holding you back or keeping you 'small'. Often I use crystals and vibrational oils to enhance your session.

  • DISTANCE HEALING I work with people of all ages and from different countries around the world. This is very effective and immediate. All I need is your photo , full name and date of birth to be able to tune in and work with you as though you are with me in my studio. Please email me these details if you would like to book a Distance healing for yourself or someone that you care about. This can be done by Skype or as you sleep.


"I was in Heaven from the moment I first clicked on Lavarna’s website deeply sensing an oozing of profound Love and Compassion. For me, the healing begins when we are just talking; the sweet, bell-like tone in her voice that can only arise from a beautiful soul, is healing in itself. The healing experience with Lavarna is extraordinary, beautiful, tender, authentic, profound and immediate. It is like a pebble in a stream, its ripples moving ever outwards, healing all levels, perfectly. Lavarna truly has a rare and precious gift. Thank you, Beautiful Lavarna."

- Victoria

"If you ring Lavarna to arrange a healing, you will find that she has a sunny voice and a warm, empathic manner... During a light massage I felt warm, supported and peaceful. Behind closed eyes I watched waves of purple ebb and flow around me. Time stood still and my anxieties drifted away. I was reluctant to leave that beautiful state and rejoin the waking world. After we lost our home, our beloved cats and three wonderful neighbours in the fires at Kinglake... I have since taken many distressed friends and family members to Lavarna. Each person has different needs and each experience has been different, but everyone has walked away with a feeling of lightness, freedom and peace of mind."

- (Name withheld)

“Thank you Lavarna!!! I am lighter in heart and spirit - thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

“I'm excited for what the future holds and am so grateful to have met you and to have received your wisdom and healing :-)”

“You and your angels are working a miracle…”

“Hello beautiful, oh my goodness everything is so bright and colourful even mess looks beautiful I am so grateful ….”

“Thankyou so much for my healing…. I feel wonderful and so much better.”

“Thanks so much beautiful!! It was wonderful to see you yesterday and I'm feeling a thousand times lighter and better today!!”

“Many thanks for your session …I’m still learning and discovering the benefits. One obvious physical change is I haven’t had any pain in my fingers from arthritis... Wow your amazing!!”

-Names withheld

For more information about the my services or to organise an appointment, please call (+61) 354287642 or 'Make an Enquiry' below.


  • Diploma Of Holistic Healing; Diploma Of Teaching (Early Childhood)
  • Teacher Of Energy Balance Massage; Certificate In Energy Balance Massage
  • Certificate in Metaphysical Healing; Crystal Light Healing Practitioner
  • Essence Of Angels Practitioner; Certificate in Holistic Counselling
  • Shell and Coral Essence Practitioner; Certificate In Flower Essence Therapy
  • Advanced Liquid Crystal Practitioner; Pleiadian Lightwork Levels 1 and 2
  • Completed Melchizedek Ambassadors Training Programme(MAT);
    Ashati Healing 1 and 2; Seichem Practitioner 1 and 2; Golden Dragon Healing Order; Energy Healing Practitioner; Spiritual Healing Practitioner; Psychic Training 1

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