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Energy & Spiritual Healing
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Lavarna O'Malley

Lavarna O'Malley

Riddells Creek VIC 3431

Servicing area: Riddells Creek, Victoria and Melbourne, Australia & Overseas

Lavarna O'Malley

Providing Spiritual and Energy Healing, Energy Balance Massage combined with Vibrational Oils, Healing with Crystals, Vibrational Essences and Sprays, and Distance Healing.

Lavarna O'Malley - Energy & Spiritual Healing

Energy Healing

Energy work can trigger a variety of responses ranging from tiredness, bouncing with energy, emotional release in the form of tears, laughter and joy. Please know that this is normal and will pass. Drinking water, resting and listening to your body will speed up this integration process. (HEADLINE).

As I put my hands on you the energy flows. I channel energy from a number of high vibrational levels and infuse your body with the beauty of healing. This will enhance your personal vibration.

I have been attuned in a range of modalities and work very closely with the angels and other amazing beings. It is very normal for people to feel more than one set of soft hands working on you at the same time, which feels nurturing, safe, and powerful.

Hands On Healing

Whilst conducting one of these sessions you will feel my hands in a number of places, you will also find that your body will naturally respond to the energies that I channel. You may feel intense heat, warmth or cooling energies, amongst other things. As I do this I place in you in a range of chambers and utilise a variety of techniques to settle your thoughts and your mind, release stress, old wounds, negative emotions, and false beliefs that are holding you back from growth and prosperity.

Crystal Light Healing

Crystals may be utilised to improve the energy healing experience. They are usually placed around or on the body to improve the experience and enhance harmony within the organs and systems of the body.

Distance Healing

I am able to ‘tune in’ wherever you are in the world to clear obstacles, cleanse your energy, and remove negative emotions. You may email a photo and your full name or the person you would like the healing for.

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