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Leah Robinson

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Randwick NSW 2031

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Supporting You in Healthy Life Choices

Cosmic Coaching for Starseeds & Personal Soul Purpose Guidance Consults

Servicing area

Sydney, Surry Hills & Eastern Suburbs

Focus areas

Circulation Readings Love Taping Nurturing Physical discomfort

Cosmic Coaching for Starseeds

I help Starseeds who may be experiencing setbacks along their path to move ahead.

  • Are you a Starseed?
  • Are there obstacles on your path?
  • Would you like assistance?
  • Are you struggling feeling you’re different or separate?
  • Would you like to be in your power - as your authentic self?
  • Do you feel setback in your endeavour to move forward?

There is a way forward!

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"Hi Leah! You've had such a huge impact on my life, I am eternally grateful. ♡♡♡"
- Mauricio

Activate Your Soul Purpose through Art

  • Open your heart and connect with your inner guidance
  • Explore self-expression through your intuition
  • Access your Soul consciousness
  • Get clarity and Activate your Soul Purpose
  • Create your own visual symbol representing your Soul Purpose

Personal Soul Purpose Guidance Consults

I offer personal intuitive card readings, counselling and coaching consults either in-person or online. I guide you to connect with your soul, discover your authentic soul purpose, and empower you to fulfil it. I give you tools and practices, and coach you through any blocks you may have that are preventing you from providing access to your unique gifts in service to others. Shine and let your life sing!

Crystal Light Bed Therapy

Crystal Light Bed Therapy is a deep healing modality. You’ll experience healing at your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Reach a space of deep peace as the crystals gently pulse light frequencies to balance and align your chakra system. These healing energies will work at every level of your being.

Health, Energy & Vitality

  • What if there was a natural, non-toxic, cellular health technology that could help you live longer and stronger?
  • What if it could also affect positive outcomes at the genetic level?
  • What if it could empower your own body to heal?
  • Would you want to hear about it?

Unleash the Therapeutic Power of Water!

Achieving an acid /alkaline balance is the basis of good health. Alkaline water consumed regularly hydrates, oxygenates and detoxifies by flushing out acid wastes at the cellular level, rebalancing the ph level of the entire body. Having alkaline water conveniently available on tap at home is an economical and easy way to support and maintain optimum health for your body. Find out how to produce your own purified, alkaline, antioxidant enriched water economically on tap and order one today.

Superior Health & Nutitional Supplements

Combining two strong trends: online shopping and the growing concern for health, Modere is at the forefront of the amazing growth in online shopping – think airbnb and UBER. Modere is stylish, safe, smart. Watch this four minute video and join Modere and live clean to improve the world you live in. Send me a message and I'll give you a code so you can get $10 off your first order. #liveclean starting now.

Freedom To Choose: The Accelerated Fat Release System

Freedom to Choose: The Accelerated Fat Release System offers a new paradigm for well-being and anti-ageing. The information will explode the myths around kilojoules and weight loss and give insight into the impact on your health of daily exposure to obesogens and other chemicals in your personal environment. As your body resculpts and reshapes, you will experience an increase in energy and vitality along with freedom from hunger and cravings.


Essential Oils can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They can be used as single essential oils or in complex essential oil blends depending on user experience and desired benefit. Want to learn how to use essential oils? Contact me to order and learn how to safely use doTERRA essential oils.

Far-Infra Red Sauna Therapy

Discover a proven and popular personal sauna aiding in your wellness goals. A lightweight, portable far-infrared sauna system that has been clinically-tested and shown to increase core temperature. 

Far-Infrared Therapy will:

  • Open up your pores
  • The radiant heat will penetrate your tissues up to 2 inches deep and relieve pain
  • Improve blood circulation with replenished oxygen throughout your body
  • Give you a passive cardiovascular exercise
  • Push out deeply imbedded toxins from inside your body
  • Rejuvenate your organs, tissues, cells, and bones
  • Restore balance to your health
  • Heighten your Immune System for future health

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