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Leanne Dalby


Leanne Dalby
Servicing area: Parramatta & Greater Parramatta Region
Leanne Dalby
I am a qualified Remedial Massage therapist, have studied pregnancy massage, post natal massage, deep tissue / myofascial release and am attuned to levels 1 & 2 Reiki and Chiron Healing®.

Parramatta Massage & Healing Centre

It is important to be open about any health problems that you may have, massage combines very well with other treatment protocols both alternative and main stream.

It is for this reason you will be required to complete a brief questionaire to assist in developing the best treatment for you.


Ear Candling
Ear Candling is non invasive, relaxing and pleasant.It may assist with sinus, ear ache, headache, sore throat, glue ear, swimmers ear, rhinitis, tinnitus, irritation in the ear and allergies. I use the HOPI ear candle this is certified organic and the only ear candle to have a saftey filter.

Mary Staggs Detox
Why you should use the Mary Staggs Detox?

The detox is fast, effective way of stimulating and balancing your bio-energetic fields improving organ function and assisting detoxification. May assist with symptoms of arthritis, diabetes, digestive disorders, cold & flu, chronic fatigue, headaches, fibromyalgia & liver disease.

Thought Field Therapy
Known as magic tapping this therapy was developed by Roger. J. Callahan.PhD. When the tapping is applied to problems at their fundamental cause the energy system is balanced allowing the elimination of negative emotions, especially helpful for anxiety, stress, anger and depression.

Massage is an complex modality with the capacity to address a multitude of issues concurrently, including soft tissue, muscular circulatory and emotional.

After a massage with Leanne you will feel different, client report feeling:
  • Reduced Pain
  • Reduced Stress
  • Energised
  • Less restricted
  • More comfortable
  • Better sleep

    I have studied and researched extensively and you can benefit from this. I have qualifications in remedial massage, deep tissue, myofascial release, pregnancy, post natal and energy training so if you have pain, i can find a solution, but you must be prepared to work with me!

    Are you ready to find a better more comfortable YOU? Do something positive for you, make your appointment today.

    Australian Bush Flower Essences
    These essences are uniquely Australian they work on the vibrational rhythms of the body and provide wonderful support during times of challenge and personal growth.

    Is it your jaw?
    The TMJ is an essential link between cranial and spinal dynamics thus influencing the brain and muscular feedback system.

    Resetting the TMJ muscles can have far reaching impact on conditions including headaches, teeth grinding, neck and lower back pain and digestive dyfunction.

    TMJ problems can occur after car accidents, whiplash, stress, head injury or dental work.

    Orgone Energy Products
    Products to protect your and your environment from the effects of electromagnetic radiation and dirty electricity. Includes personal pendants, phone & laptop tags, applications for car and home.

    Chiron Healing
    Every day we are bombarded by energies that can create disruption to our personal energy grid, these energies can take the form of environmental stress such as radiation and pollution. Or from people such as the angry, worried or fearful thoughts of others or our own anxious thoughts and feelings.

    During a Chiron Healing® session the lines that connect the energy grid are checked and repaired and any blockages removed. This allows your energies to flow freely and stabalise the pattern. Chiron Healing® is a natural form of healing using energy that can be used with most other modalities.

    Raindrop Technique
    Using bodywork and aromatherapy to balance and realign the body the raindrop technique was developed by Gary Young from Young Living Essential Oils which are used exclusively in the treatment Raindrop technique draws on wisdom from Tibetan, Egyptian and Native American cultures.

    Young Living Essential Oils
    Exceptional oils of the highest quality.


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