Leanne Dalby

Leanne Dalby

Casula NSW 2170

Servicing area: Sydney South West

Government review has reclassified  Remedial Massage into the essential healthcare catergory. I am now able to offer Massage therapy again and intend to open my appointment book toward the end of next week approximately 23rd April. Leanne


I have been working as Therapist since receiving my Remedail Massage  qualification in 2003. I have progressively added other modalities to round out my service profile and offer my clients options in respect to their wellness needs.

Leanne's Therapies

When you book a treatment with me, it is important to be open about any health problems that you may have, massage combines very well with other treatment protocols both alternative and main stream.

It is for this reason you will be required to complete a brief questionaire to assist in developing the best treatment for you.

Remedial Massage

Specialised massage e.g pregnancy

Chiron Healing

Energetic Lymph Therapy

Myofascial Cupping

Raindrop Technique

Energetic  Aromatherapy

Reset the Jaw

More detailed information is available using the link to my website on this page.





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Leanne Dalby