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Discover the messages your Spirit Guides have for you, by purchasing a personalised Spirit Guide Drawing from Lorraine Easton-Trehearne at Lets Heal in Langwarrin.

Lets Heal - Spirit Guide Drawings

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Langwarrin, Victoria

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Would you like to meet your guide?
Are you looking to have your very own Spirit Guide drawn for you?
Would you like to receive and keep a record of the messages they have for you?

Then visit Lorraine Easton-Trehearne at Let's Heal to have your next Spirit Guide experience beautifully drawn for you.

Why Have a Spirit Guide Drawing?

Spirit Guide Drawings can give insight into the energy around us, providing us with guidance, healing and greater awareness to help us move forward in our life. Spirit Guide Drawings are a fun and powerful tool, connecting us to our higher self, guides and Totems to receive their messages and Healing.

To receive continuous healing and guidance, meditate while looking into the eyes of your own Spirit Guide and just ask for their help, they are waiting for you to ask and only to happy to answer. We just need to learn to listen and see the signs they give us.

Call us on 03 9785 6251 or 0417371884 to organise your next Spirit Guide Drawing.

Spirit Guide Drawings

  • Artemis
  • Goddess Dianne
  • Aeracura
  • Athena
  • You are the light
  • Inner Power
  • Kaun Yin
  • Charmi
  • Krishna

These beautiful Spirit Guide drawings are done with pastels and make a great gift for your loved ones. Just visit our Website (add link: http://www.letsheal.com.au/#!spirit-guide-drawings/cwd3) to view examples of our drawings. Sorry Website is not available at present.

For more information about any of the beautiful Spirit Healing Drawings or consultations that I provide, just give me a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button today to talk to Lorraine.

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