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Lez Shiell

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Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Natural Fertility.

Willunga - Acupuncture and Chinese medicine

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Willunga, South Australia

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Restoration Gong Emotions Chinese herbal medicine Stress Management Love

Acupuncture is a therapy that works with and encourages the healing of body and mind via the stimulation of acupoints.

These points stimulate the Brain which in turn signals the bodies Hormonal and chemical systems. This can trigger immune responses, release musculature, free trapped nerves and allow the body to find it’s natural Rhythm. The acupoints are located all over the body along specific energy channels known as meridians. Each acupoint in the T.C.M. system has a different relationship to particular organs and body function. Stimulation of the acupoints are made by inserting fine needles into the body, or other techniques such as acupressure, moxibustion,( the burning of a herb over the body to create heat - yang) cupping or massage. It is through this process that heath is attained. In TCM terms we restore harmony and free flow of qi and blood, and the balance of yin and yang in the body, all of which are essential for disease prevention and maintaining good health.

The earliest systematic use of Acupuncture dates back some 2500 years. Acupuncture has its origins in China. It’s simplicity and effectiveness has seen it grow around the world to become the most commonly used health intervention worldwide.

Acupuncture, along with Chinese Herbal Medicine, Massage (Tui Na), internal medicine (Qi Gong), and it’s more famous cousin Tai Qi (sometimes spelled ‘Tai Chi’), all belong to the wider Family of Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.)

Chinese Medicine has its origins in the philosophy of the ancient Taoist monks, whose observations of life and nature formed the basis of some of its major principals.

This theory recognises a simple order to all life: that the world appears as a duality. In humans this may be observed simply as that of masculine and feminine, heat and cold, excess and deficiency.

The Balanced form, which signifies good health in this theory is most commonly symbolised as the Dai Yin, also known as Yin and Yang. Illness then, occurs when one is in excess or out of balance with the other. This may be caused by environment - due to exposure to cold, heat, trauma, toxins, over-exertion, or ageing. Our mental and psychological health is also included in this model as having the potential to disrupt our flow of Qi (the body’s Vital energy) and health. The aim of TCM is the restoration of Balance between the opposing forces, a return to the natural order, and flourishing good health.

What are Meridians?

Meridians are energy pathways that run through out the body, nourishing and harmonizing their related zang fu. What are zang fu you ask? Zang Fu refer to your organs: stomach, spleen, liver, gallbladder, kidney, urinary bladder, lung, large intestine, heart, small intestine, pericardium and san jiao. Each organ has its own meridian, acupoints and other functions. When you present with a problem, no doubt one or a few of your meridians are struggling with some sort of problem that impends the free flow on energy in your body. Feel free to ask questions in your consultation because we love to talk about acupuncture!

Acupuncture needles are different to the ones you see at the doctors or hospital…

In fact you can fit five to ten acupuncture needles inside of one hypodermic needle! An acupuncture needle is shaped like a pine needle, instead of having a sharp end like a hypodermic needle, acupuncture needles are rounded at the end, which makes for an easier insertion through the skin, most people don’t even know it has happened. Acupuncture needles also have another characteristic of a pine needle, they are quite flexible and are able to bend.

Why would Acupuncture be good for you?

Our lives today have many factors that influence and affect our ability to maintain a well balanced state of good health. Aspects such as diet, work, environment, lifestyle, relationships and emotions have the ability to affect our health when they are not unbalanced. Our bodies often tend to take a back seat in the rush of our busy lives, this may result in a lack of care and attention leaving us feeling drained, lacking energy, and prone to disease states. Acupuncture helps to bring back and maintain the natural balance that can be lost, strengthening and harmonizing the bodies reserves (qi, blood, yin and yang,) which is essential for a healthy body.

Symptom and causal treatment

Ben and Biao or symptom and cause are an essential part of any treatment strategy, Treating the symptoms as they present first and then dealing with the underlying causes, be they life style, environmental, and or internal.

The art of practice involves how to best approach each person in their current circumstance, finding what is effective and mapping a pathway through illness- to good health and on to flourishing.

While TCM has a great history, I do my best to stay in touch with different techniques, theory and practice to offer you the best healing outcomes.

2009 was a great year as I received tutelage from Lea Papworth in my opinion Adelaide’s best authority on birthing, I.V.F and natural fertility. During this time I also practiced new techniques for increasing semen production and mobility in Men with great results.

I also managed some supervision and training from Ahn Fang on Muscular skeletal treatments for, limbs, back and joint pain.

Our lives at this time are often busy and stressful, the juncture were this can take effect is our health, whether through ageing, illness, or injury, T.C.M. offers an opportunity to renew and stay on a healthy path.

My aim as Practitioner is to meet your needs, by looking directly and broadly at your life and circumstances, your body and the many things which may have contributed to your visit.


Initial consultation

Acupuncture 1 hour

Acupuncture + manual therapy







I currently practice:

  • Acupuncture, – cupping and Moxabustion
  • Tui Na - Massage
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Trans Personal Counselling

I work at

Deep Water Medicine

28 St Andrews Terrace

Willunga, SA 5172

Call today for your first consultation - I look forward to our meeting...

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