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Lia Smith

Lia Smith

Sydney NSW

Servicing area: Sydney, Blue Mountains and Byron Bay

Holisitic Bodywork

Sydney - Blue Mountains - Byron Bay * Holisitic Bodywork

What a client has said...

" Lia is unique and a session with her is special for me. I rarely meet people who can switch on that amount of energy and presence and use it effectively to ground and move the blockages in my body.

Lia has many many years of body work and energetic presence cultivation behind her, through many and varied modalities, so when I engage with her, I know and most certainly feel that I'm tapping into something strong.

I highly recommend her for both holding space, deep anchoring support, as well as getting you unstuck on the bio-electrical and energetic levels. To me, she is plugged into both this present day and the depth of archaic mysteries."

- T.Wills, Bio-energetic Shiatsu Therapist & 3D Animator


1 - 2hr $95-$150

Energetic wellness bodywork, on and off the fully clothed body. I use Qi Gong breath awareness, meditative touch, sound and vocal song to facilitate these sessions.

SOUND HEALING Sessions - Individual & group sessions

$100/ 1hr $150/ 1.5 hrs

Ceremonial bodywork balances are :First a, Water soul retrieval ritual in nature : 2nd a, Lying down receiving sound and bodywork treatment : finally a, Closing and ground with salt foot soak. We use a combination of natural breath awareness and natural clear focus. Soothing voice and song is the medicine. Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls, Chakra Chimes, musical instruments. We relax and restore to a natural state of balance, lightness and gentlness.


$50pp - 2hr workshop $130pp - All Day (10 to 30 people max)

“Music is the mediator between the life of the senses and the life of the spirit.” - Beethoven (1770-1827)

"I be quietly with and accept the unreality of my mind to allow the honesty of my body to be heard and come naturally closer to me"

The Sound Intimacy experience is a body focussed practice exploring the nature and effect of sound on our whole being. Listening and expressing via a discourse built between vibration and existence. In this intuitively guided shamanic journey our instincts, senses, breath and movement create a solid ground within an intimate and self receptive approach. Structure and spontaneity are present. This somatic sonic meditation traverses from solo attention to pair work to group work and back, full circle to solo embodiment. Sound and song create space and increase the subtle awareness in our hearts, minds and physicality. Waking up our aliveness gently, slowly profoundly. You will receive intuitive melodic and rhythmic sounds and song of various instruments, tools and voice. You will be engaging and activating your own voice and body via deep listening. A spectrum of openness and a discernment of boundaries will free up, enhancing capacity for navigating both inner and outer experience. The Chinese proverb 'Tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is who you are' inspires the depth of this explorations clearing and cleansing way.

This bodywork draws on a myriad of global, cultural, new and traditional practices, and over a decade of personal and professional experience. Using sound, stillness, mindfulness, natural breath, movement and voice we invite and engage with a deeply embodied sensuality to a felt cellular level. Releasing, expanding and inviting our curiosity and our mysterious depths playfully.

"If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies."

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Author of "The Healing Power of Sound

What participant have said...

"Thank you Lia. Your gentle gorgeous guidance created a safe space to feel free to completely surrender and be totally and intimately immersed in the nurturing vibrations that swirl through us and around us.

My experience? Picture a large room filled with 30 people from all walks of life, half not knowing each other more than initial introductions. As the room is comfortably dark, you close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you...Amongst all this, you become aware of a faint warm sound. It's a song, becoming gently louder, emerging from the fog of other sounds, like a welcome friend You become aware of your body responding, talking to this song in the way that feels totally natural and right ... As you listen more deeply, you feel the vibrations more deeply and resonate, becoming part of that song, singing... Everyone is singing, voices melding together, like sweet ingredients being stirred together in a mixing bowl ... Complex chords, swirling, bubbling, pulsing, like a rich wall of deliciously playful sound that resonated with every cell in your body... like some energized sprite dancing through every part of your body, at all levels, calming, soothing and enlivening.. Leading you deeper into a wonderfully rich, buzzing and awesomely alive world... And these words don't describe the half of it! An awesomely delicious experience! Thanks Lia "

- David

'A beautiful, freeing, immersive experience"

- Xavier Waterkeyn

"This beautiful Workshop allowed me to be really present in my body and having Lia's warmth around and gentle guidance was just fantastic. I felt so much trust for wherever Lia was taking the group, I could completely surrender to being held in the moment and sounds. I highly recommend experiencing this aspect of Lia's work and I'm looking forward to the next Sound Intimacy Workshop I attend! I had such a deep orgasmic experience. Sound is a way more powerful and accurate modality than I had ever realised till now. Thank you Lia for your passion and inspiration to share through sound."

- Lucinda, Therapist and Inspirational Speaker


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  • 2015 Aligning the Divine feminine. Chi Kung with Prarthanna Grace. Byron Bay
  • 2015 Rebirthing Breathwork in the Leonard Orr tradition. Training held by Pauline Win, original practitioner, author and trainer within this style for the past 42 years. Byron Bay
  • 2010 - 2015 Traditional Family Lineage Qi Gong, Master Dr Wolf Miao Gold Coast Australia
  • 2008 - 2010 Qi Gong practice with Christos Djore Walker ex Buddhist monk, somatic psychotherapist Sydney


  • 2010 - 15 Acu- Energetics (Accurate Energetic Medicine)Certification,Level 1,2,3
    Currently at Practitioner level exams (
  • 2012 DNA Theta Healing practitioner THINK Association (Basic Level)
  • 2011 Thai Massage, Zen of Touch Sydney
  • 2008-10 Taoist female life force cultivation and Healing Love practices, with Dorothy Ramien (Thubten Khadro), Senior Student of Master Chia and Senior Instructor of Chi Nei Tsang and Universal Tao.
  • 2008 Shamanic De-armouring, The Red Lodge, Sweet Medicine Society U.S.A
  • 2008 Amazon Jungle Plant Medicine Residency. Don Luis. Peru
    2007 Touch for Health Kinesiology, Level 1 Certificate
  • 2001 -07 White Tara School Sydney, Buddhist Meditation Intensive Retreat Practise


  • 2015 Rebirthing Breathwork Training
  • 2013 Birth Into Being, Nicole Moore, Elena Tonetti Birth Work (Director of the 'Birth As We Know It' Documentary)
  • 2013 Midwifing Death, Leslene della-Madre
  • 2011 Pre-Natal Yoga Certification. Janice Clarfield
  • 2011 Birth & Post Partum Doula DONA International U.S.A
  • 2008 Birth Doula Certification Optimum Birth AUS 


  • 2014 Solo Performance Art piece and collaborative Arts laboratory Residency Melaka Art & Performance Festival, Malaysia 
  • 2010 -12 Opera Singing Therapy with Master teacher and Opera Singer Maria Goodwin - Timoveeva Sydney
  • 2005-09 Bachelor Visual Arts, Sculpture, Performance, Installation Studio Sydney University
  • 2001 -09 Contact Improvisation Community Practice, Sydney
  • 2001 -07 Somatic Spiritual Shamanic Dance bodywork and performance practice with Annetta Luca
  • 2001-03 Bennu Theatre Company Directed by Bert Van Dyke Devised and presence Theatre Ensemble
  • 2001-03 Bachelor of Fine Arts. Drawing, Sculpture and Art Theory. The National Art School, Sydney
  • 1998-99 Black and White Photography Kensington and Chelsea College, London

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