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Lida Zannier

Lida Zannier

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Psychoenergetic healing is a healing modality which combines traditional talk therapy and energy healing to achieve true and sustainable healing.

Lida Zannier - Psychoenergetic Healing

Servicing area

Brisbane South,Coorparoo and global via Skype,Phone fluent English,French,Italian spoken

Focus areas

Reconnection Complementary Stress Management Nervous system Mantra Transformational therapy

Long term, unresolved issues or traumatic memories become lodged as emotions stored as energy within a person. It is often our body’s way of protecting itself. Whilst at times we have cognitively worked through our ‘issues’, the negative emotional energy has in fact not been released from our bodies and our healing is not fully complete and a discord remains. Healing occurs when the energetic patterns are released and the energy fields are balanced over a number of sessions.

  • Psychoenergetic healing works exceptionally well with:
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Grief
  • Relationship challenges
  • Eating & body image disorders
  • Severe or long standing trauma
  • Stress and tension
  • Fatigue
  • Disconnection or identity issues
  • Self-esteem or self-confidence concerns
  • Those on a journey of self-development

Lida Zannier is an international healer and teacher who skilfully guides those she works with to find clarity and a sense of empowerment in their lives. She is deeply insightful and practical in treating the root cause of her clients’ issues. Her extensive experience of 30 years will transition you to a life you deserve, providing clarity, resolution and reconnection. Lida links into the specific energy signature of the client no matter where he /she is in the world, hence Skype, phone or in clinic sessions work equally as well.

Regain your joy and book a session with Lida; the first step to making a positive change and taking control of your life.

“Lida is an exceptional counsellor/healer/life coach. I always felt her utmost respect for me. Her ability to help me express the very best of myself and to live from my authentic self has been remarkable. By helping me move through my fears, dissolve the energetic blocks, for the first time ever I am able to express my truth comfortably. I feel that her ability to listen to what I said but also to what I had difficulty expressing has been an important factor in me discovering my own truth. These sessions have brought me so much clarity and a real sense of my own value. My professional life and relationships are transformed. “

Leanne Maine Gold Coast Australia 2014

Appointments available in person and also via phone and skype for worldwide clients.  Please get in contact today at to arrange your appointment.

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8 Services

Rapid Transformational Therapy including 3 Week Email Follow up

$550 Per session


$120 Per hour

Learn to manage stress in all situations.

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