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Life Balance Tai Chi

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Life Balance Tai Chi is 'relaxation at your workplace'.

Life Balance Tai Chi

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About Us

Jan and Frank Lee are experience Tai Chi educators and coaches. They are dedicated in promoting the art form and sharing its many benefits.

Jan first taught at the University of NSW as an undergraduate where she started the Tai Chi Club in 1974.

Today they teach to diverse groups - private corporations, government organisations, universities, hospitals, health clubs and community groups to promote fitness and wellness in the workplace and community.

They are accredited coaches of the National Accreditation Scheme, a program of the Australian Sports Commission. They are also members of the Tai Chi Association of Australia and are Certified Instructors of the International Wu Style Tai Chi Federation.


Sometimes referred to as "Meditation-in-Motion", Tai Chi movements are fluid, calming and low-impact suitable for almost all fitness levels and age groups. Our sessions are specifically designed to show your staff how to relax, rejuvenate and refocus while they are at work. Engaging the philosophy and art form of Tai Chi we have created simple, practical and functional movements in our Workplace Wellness Program. Your staff can experience renewed energy to handle work tasks with more ease and effectiveness throughout their day.

It is a fantastic antidote for stress!


Calm the mind, reduce stress and tension, uplift energy levels (to help staff meet that project deadline)

Promote holistic health and wellbeing (happier staff are productive staff, less sickies)

Inspire creativity, enhance mental clarity and focus (when there are lots of tasks to accomplish)

Encourage good posture, deeper breathing, balance and flexibility (especially for staff who sit at their desk all day)

Boost individual self esteem and confidence (uplifts staff morale, reduce absenteeism)

Foster team spirit when engaging in learning and practising together (non-competitive, experience positive, fun energies)

Tai Chi can be introduced via:
Conference Energiser sessions and team building retreats

Regular group lessons in early morning, lunchtime or afterwork classes

Special presentations e.g Work and Life Balance Health Expos, In-Service Staff Development/training

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