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Martin Graves

Experience the magic of Huna Massage. Also available: Sound, Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage   Services available on Monday to Friday 9.30am to 2pm and Saturday 9am to 3pm from our studio in Falcon. .

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Sound healing Bodywork Stroke

Huna massage is an ancient form of Polynesian bodywork which originated in Hawaii.

Huna massage is a combination of traditional healing techniques and flowing massage strokes using the forearms, hands and elbows. The practioner moves around the table in a rhythmical wave like way, under and over the body. This creates a completely different experience to most other forms of massage.

Huna massage involves various techniques to assist the clients body to realign itself so healing can take place. The massage can include the use of:

  • The Breath
  • Vibration using the forearms & sound instruments
  • Sound healing using toning
  • Variation of speed & pressure
  • Hot Stones

Martin has combined Huna techniques into his Deep Tissue massage to enable the client to experience the magic of Huna.