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Deepali Vasani is APD (Accredited Practising Dietitian) and AN (Accredited Nutritionist) affiliated with DAA (Dietitian Association of Australia) since 2002.

Lifestyle Diet Clinic


About Deepali Vasani

She has twelve years of experience in Dietetics in India and Australia. She has worked in Hospitals, completed Research projects. She specialized in diet consulting for Individuals, Corporates, Aged Care Centres, Disability Homes, and Schools.

She has been running her Clinic in Sydney, Australia for last six years. She has been associated with Medical centers in Blacktown, Merrylands, Toongabbie and Windsor for few years. She has seen patients referred by Medical centres from the area on EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) plan or Workcover and helped them with improving chronic conditions. She has been providing consultations to DVA patients as well. She has conducted Type 2 diabetes group sessions regularly.

She has been providing regular consultations to Aged care centres which includes providing need based consultation for individuals, menu planning and training to staff.

She has conducted no. of workshops and seminars on diet related topics for corporate clients. She has done Email and Phone programs for busy individuals / groups to help them with weight management.

She has conducted sessions for schools to provide nutrition guidelines to parents / teachers / children.

Dietetic Services

For Individuals

Individual consultations are mostly face-to-face, but also can be done via Email or Phone. First consultations are usually long consultation which includes gathering history, checking reports and understanding / setting goals. Follow up consultations mostly concentrate on reviewing the results, making corrections, setting goals and responding to queries. Short consultation of a quick weigh in and resolving few queries are also used by no. of patients. Individual consultations are not only for weight management, but covers wide range of listed chronic conditions.

    • Individual Consultation

    • Group programs for Type 2 Diabetes

    • Supermarket tours (mock)

    • Worker’s compensation consultations and reporting

    • Email weight loss programs

Corporate Counseling

Accredited Practising Dietitian | Accredited Nutritionist | Dietetic Services in Australia by Deepali Vasani can conduct individual assessment sessions for corporate employees where the dietitian responds to their questions / concerns related to their health. It gives them personal attention and addresses their needs. It provides direction to improve their health and energy levels. It also can improve their immunity to prevent sick days, productivity, accidents and injury. The clinic can also provide feedback to company / family doctor if needed.

    • Short individual consultations

    • Seminars such as healthy eating to boost energy and immunity

    • Recipe for healthy eating or smoothie demonstrations

Aged Care Centre / Disability Homes

The dietitian at Accredited Practising Dietitian | Accredited Nutritionist | Dietetic Services in Australia by Deepali Vasani regularly visit aged care centres to provide individual consultations, meal planning or staff training for healthy cooking, presentation and more.

    • Individual Consultation

    • Staff - Careers training

    • Menu planning

School Talks

Our Dietitian regularly receives invitation to schools for providing tips on following topics to teachers / parents and children

    • Fussy eating

    • Weight management (like obesity)

    • Importance of exercise and diet

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