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The Life system uses frequencies from the lowest end of the spectrum, and restores the right vibration and frequencies to our entire bodies so that we are in harmony.

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Life System - Biofeedback

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What is Biofeedback and how does it work?

Some individuals identify with only their physical body, but of course a large number of readers of this site will understand the existence of the planes or bodies that exist outside of the physical body. These finer frequency bodies are distinct vibrational energy fields out from the dense physical body. They are the astral, etheric, the casual, the mental and the spiritual. These fields are all full of information. The LIFE system allows for the tuning of these at a deeper and finer level, utilising the chakras and the meridian system to connect with the physical body, in doing so preventing the onset of illness from reaching the denser physical levels.

The LIFE system is where acupuncture and quantum technology meet. They both deal with the flows of low energy frequency energy within the body.It is a new form of healing medicine to regard ourselves as energy fields or information. A bacteria or a parasite are also examples of information fields. Matter, as quantum physics teaches us, is just an illusion. Only the field is real.

Disease can be views as cessation, disruption or distortion arising in the energy and information fields. Correcting this disharmony defines bio-energetic biofeedback medicine.

How does the LIFE System work?

The LIFE system works by testing which frequencies are bringing about the biggest sources of stress in the body. The LIFE System provides and receives quantifiable and dynamic information via an interface box, software installed on a computer and safe/non-invasive attachments to the wrists, ankles and forehead.

The LIFE System practitioner then utilises this information that has been compiled to assess what needs to be altered and sends back frequencies to bring about energetic balance and harmony; thereby ensuring any negativity is harmonised and balanced, which will leave the client feeling healthy, happy and significantly more energised.

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